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10 Young Shawn Mendes Photos You Want To See

By Kass Barrera


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Yes, he is very good looking.

I give you that, but have you seen what Shawn Mendes looks like when he was younger?

Well, I think he was handsome too.

See it for yourself.

1. Baby Shawn

Shawn Mendes baby photo
Instagram @ shawnmendes

If you have been dying to see Shawn’s baby picture, here you go.

2. The boy with big ears

Shawn Mendes with big ears
Instagram @ shawnmendes

I’m not sure if it was his hairstyle, but little Shawn seemed to have some pretty big ears during his childhood.

3. Vintage Haircut

Shawn Mendes vintage haircut
Instagram @ shawnmendes

Alright, let’s be honest here.

We’ve all had that awkward vintage haircut before and the singer is no different. It’s actually not that bad, really.

4. Getting his braces

Shawn Mendes getting braces
Instagram @ shawnmendes

I guess nobody is perfect.

Young Shawn must have had some bad teeth in the past.

5. The first selfie

Shawn Mendes first selfie
Instagram @ shawnmendes

Technology is one thing and selfie is another.

This may very well be Shawn’s first selfie in the world.

6. Puppy Love

Shawn Mendes puppy love first girlfriend?
Instagram @ shawnmendes

I have no idea who that girl was, all I know is that it wasn’t Camila Cabello.

It could be Shawn’s puppy love, his first girlfriend?

7. This six pack body started young

Young Shawn Mendes six pack body
Instagram @ shawnmendes

I don’t know how he did it. This 6 pack of his apparently started at a young age.

8. Double Earrings

Shawn Mendes double earrings
Instagram @ shawnmendes

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of his double earrings look but I don’t hate it either.

9. Cool teenager with a pretty face

Shawn Mendes as a teenager with a pretty face
Instagram @ shawnmendes

Yup, Shawn definitely had a pretty face during his teens.

He looks so cool!

10. Starting his singing journey

Shawn Mendes starting his singing journey
Youtube / Shawn Mendes

I’m just glad Shawn started uploading his youtube covers at an early age, otherwise, the world might have missed out on this incredible talent.

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