Bruce Lee flexing his muscular body

Bruce Lee used an EMS device to train his body muscles

I don’t think anyone would argue that Bruce Lee is a true martial artist who trains harder than anyone. At least during his prime. Back then, he didn’t have the science and technology that we have today and he certainly didn’t have our gym equipment. Yet, he was able to …

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Did Brad Pitt get a facelift?

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m just going to say it. Yes, Brad Pitt is my dream man and I love him even till this day. But if you ask me whether plastic surgery is his thing, I believe the chance is high. This guy is simply too handsome to be a natural charmer…but I …

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Ryan Gosling nose job before and after comparison photo

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m not sure why. Many people seem to believe that Ryan Gosling had gone under the knife, but to be honest, I am not one of them. In fact, I will try to prove his innocence right now. Did Ryan Gosling have a nose job? Bingo! Ryan’s nose has been …

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Morgan freeman dressed up as a vampire

7 Young Morgan Freeman Pictures Before He Was Famous

Don’t take this the wrong way. Ever since I saw Morgan Freeman on the big screen, he wasn’t young looking at all. I’m not sure if he was born that way but maybe these photos will help us out. 1. Smart young man Morgan always seems to be full of …

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Ed Sheeran botox before and after comparison photo

Ed Sheeran Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

He is looking better lately! I’m not sure if Ed Sheeran had any work done but when a man suddenly becomes more attractive, it certainly raises a few eyebrows. Maybe I’m just being sensitive. We’ll see. Did Ed Sheeran have botox? Don’t you just love Sheeran’s new and slimmer face? …

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Daniel Craig has charming eyes

9 Young Daniel Craig Pictures You Have Never Seen

Not going to lie. I had no idea who Daniel Craig was before he starred in James Bond. That’s the truth so I’m curious to see what the young Dan was like before he got famous. You’ve probably never seen these too. 1. Good kid at school This was Daniel …

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George Clooney looked like a car salesman

9 Young George Clooney Pictures That Are Not Very Charming

What if I told you George Clooney wasn’t all that good looking when he was younger? You would probably think that I’m speaking nonsense but I’m not! He really wasn’t very charming at all, if I’m honest. Don’t take my words for it. See it for yourself. 1. Kid with …

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The Weeknd nose job before and after comparison photo

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

The Weeknd has pulled off the biggest plastic surgery stunt I have ever witnessed. He got me good. He got me real good! The Crooked Nose job This nose is obviously fake but his makeup artist did a good job in making it as thin and as crooked as possible. …

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Mark Ruffalo in the Clearsil Commercial

7 Young Mark Ruffalo Pictures Before He Was Famous

He seems like a cool and genuine guy. That’s my impression of Mark Ruffalo but was he like this before he got famous? Take a look. 1. He had a happy childhood Mark said he was a happy kid during his childhood and I guess it shows. 2. The teen …

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