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10 Young Liam Neeson Pictures You Probably Haven’t Seen

By Kass Barrera


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If it wasn’t for the movie “Taken”, I would have never known who Liam Neeson was.

By the time he got famous, Liam wasn’t young anymore. I guess that is the life of an actor. All it takes is one good opportunity. That’s why I’m curious to see what his earlier years were like.

Let’s take a look together.

1. Boxing Boy

Liam Neeson started boxing as a young boy

Born in Northern Ireland, Liam started boxing at the young age of 9. He definitely had that fighting spirit on his face.

2. School wasn’t his jam

Liam Neeson in high school

Liam studied at The Queen’s University of Belfast and after he left, he worked as a forklift driver for a brewery company.

3. He was a cool looking guy

Liam Neeson was very cool looking when he was younger

Don’t get me wrong. He is still a cool-looking guy but Liam looked like he belongs in a band when he was younger. I wonder if he can sing though.

4. Wearing a baseball cap

Liam Neeson wearing a baseball cap

I just thought he looks kind of cute with that baseball cap on his head. It’s a rare sight that’s for sure.

5. He had a great body

Liam Neeson had a great body in his younger years

I’m not so sure about now but back then, Liam definitely kept his body in good shape.

6. Four year relationship with Helen Mirren

Liam Neeson had a 4 year relationship with Helen Mirren

In case you didn’t know, Lima and Helen were a couple for 4 years.

7. He was a real fighter

Liam Neeson was a real fighter during his youth

Yes, Liam fought in a number of matches until he was 17. The reason why he stopped fighting was because he was heavily concussed and started having a strong interest in drama and acting.

8. Handsome young man in singlet

Liam Neeson looking handsome in a singlet

I must admit he wasn’t bad looking during his younger years. Enough said.

9. He looks different with glasses

Liam Neeson with glasses

Who is this guy?

Oh, that’s Liam and if I’m honest, he looks like a priest with glasses.

10. He could have played James Bond

Liam Neeson could have played James Bond

Don’t ask me why Liam wasn’t chosen for James Bond.

He surely had the whole package.

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