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Ricky Martin’s Bleached Beard Turned Out Better Than I Thought

By Kass Barrera


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It has been 2 months since Ricky Martin first debuted his bleached beard on social media. I must admit, in the beginning, I did NOT like it at all.

Not even one tiny bit.

I actually thought it made him look like an old man. But then, the more I look at it, the more I’m starting to like it.

You’ll see what I mean.

It looks nice but weird

Ricky Martin's bleached beard looks nice but weird

This was the first photo Ricky posted online with a bleached beard. I can see the platinum blonde (thank goodness) but it felt weird when his hair was still dark brown.

Old man at the beach

Ricky Martin looks like an old man at the beach

I swear this was my reaction when I first saw this photo. I thought there was an old man taking a selfie at the beach. Luckily, he didn’t have much wrinkles.

Looks kind of stylish

Ricky Martin's white beard looks kind of stylish

Maybe it was the pose, but Ricky is starting to look very stylish here. I actually didn’t mind the white beard anymore and thought it looked kind of manly.

The charming award winner

Ricky Martin is the charming award winner

Winning this award had nothing to do with his charm, I can promise you that.

Imagine what he looks like in 10 years

Ricky Martin will probably look like this in 10 years

I’m sure this is what Ricky Martin looks like when he matures in about 10 years time. His hair will go white and so will his beard.

Add some crow’s feet and this picture will be complete!

Color doesn’t matter anymore

Ricky Martin will look handsome with any beard color

At this stage, it doesn’t matter what color his beard is anymore. Not to me anyway.

He is still the same handsome singer that I know and always will be.

(Photo Sources: Instagram @ ricky_martin)

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