7 Young Mark Ruffalo Pictures Before He Was Famous

He seems like a cool and genuine guy.

That’s my impression of Mark Ruffalo but was he like this before he got famous?

Take a look.

1. He had a happy childhood

Mark Ruffalo had a happy childhood

Mark said he was a happy kid during his childhood and I guess it shows.

2. The teen with braces

Mark Ruffalo with braces as a teenager

As a teenager, Mark endured what most young people have gone through and that is to wear braces.

3. He was a handsome young man

Mark Ruffalo was a handsome young man

I can’t say the same thing now, but he was definitely handsome back then.

4. Posing shirtless was nothing

Mark Ruffalo posing shirtless

This is just one of those things you do as a young boy. He had a great body though.

5. Making his screen debut

Mark Ruffalo made his screen debut in CBS Summer Playhouse

In 1989, Mark made his screen debut in one of the episodes of CBS Summer Playhouse.

6. Clearasil Commercial

Mark Ruffalo in the Clearsil Commercial

During the same year, he did a commercial for an Acne product, Clearasil.

I believe he was chosen for his clean face.

7. He is just a gentle-looking guy

Mark Ruffalo is a gentle looking guy

I guess this proves that Mark is naturally a gentle guy, even at a younger age.

Perhaps that’s why he was chosen to star as the “Hulk” because the contrast is so big?