Sunflower Tatoos

30 Sunflower Tattoo Ideas (and Their Meaning)

Once upon a time, in ancient Greece, a nymph by the name of Clytie fell madly in love with Apollo. However, even though she was beautiful and delicate, the Sun God never returned Clytie’s affections because he was infatuated with Leucothea, a mortal princess. Eventually, Clytie understood that Apollo had …

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Ricky Martin chest tattoo

7 Ricky Martin Tattoo Photos and Their Meanings

For someone who is so well-groomed, you’d think that his body is ink-free. But Ricky Martin actually has a total number of 7 tattoos, each covering different parts of his spectacular body. Check it out. 1. Our Lord’s Prayer Written In Aramaic On his right upper arm, you’ll see Our …

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