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Top 10 Becky G Without Makeup Photos Revealed

Becky G Without Makeup

It’s official, guys.

I can finally confirm that Becky G looks adorable without makeup too. Anyone who thinks otherwise must see these photos.

Yes, I’m serious!

1. It’s a FREE kiss day

Becky G giving a free kiss to her fans on social media
Instagram @ iambeckyg

The singer was in a good mood today so she decided to give a free kiss to all of her fans. Even without lipstick, I’m sure everyone will happily accept it!

2. Too many flies at the beach?

Becky G at the beach looking frustrated

For some reason, Becky G looks a little frustrated here at the beach. Maybe there were too many flies bothering her?

3. Black and white is beautiful

Becky G black and white portrait
Instagram @ iambeckyg

Becky obviously had no makeup here and that’s probably why she took this black and white portrait in the first place. It is so beautiful though.

It almost looks like a sketch.

4. Hitting it at the gym

Becky G hitting the gym for a workout
Instagram @ iambeckyg

When Becky G leaves her foundation at home, she is usually at the gym sweating it out.

5. Acne scars are cute, too

Becky G looks cute with acne scars

Can you see those 3 dots on Becky’s face?

They are acnes scars and OMG they look so cute on her!

Yup…life can be unfair.

6. Ready for a long ride

Becky G ready for a long ride
Instagram @ iambeckyg

With her seatbelt fastened and a travel bag by her side, the gorgeous singer is obviously going away somewhere. But why wasn’t she wearing her eyeshadow and lashes? Where was she heading?

I guess it must be a long ride.

7. This is the ultimate sales tactic

Becky G posing in bed is the ultimate sales tactic
Instagram @ iambeckyg

I have no idea what product Becky G is holding in her hand, but I bet you this sales tactic (Becky posing makeup-free in bed) will sell anything. ANYTHING!

8. Talking through the airport

Becky G talking on the phone through the airport

When you have people carrying your luggage through an airport, you can talk all you want on the phone.

9. Young and innocent Gomez

Becky G looking young and innocent

Sometimes, we forget how far Rebbeca Marie Gomez (real name) has come since becoming a big star. She looks so young and innocent here.

10. Spare time selfie

Becky G spare time selfie
Instagram @ iambeckyg

No matter how busy you are, you will always find spare time to take a “No Makeup” selfie. When you are this pretty, why not?

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