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7 Latest Olivia Rodrigo Without Makeup Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Olivia Rodrigo Without Makeup

It wasn’t surprising.

For someone as beautiful as Olivia Rodrigo, cosmetic is not all that important to her.

Take a look at the singer without makeup and you’ll see what I mean.

1. She likes to read

Olivia Rodrigo likes to read
Instagram @ oliviarodrigo

It’s a good habit to read but why was her smile so awkward?

Maybe her bare face just wasn’t ready.

2. Skincare and makeup routine

Olivia Rodrigo skin care routine

Yes, she was showing Vogue how it’s done, starting from scratch.

3. Winning Tongue

Olivia Rodrigo with the winning tongue
Instagram @ oliviarodrigo

Sticking out your tongue with a victory sign is one thing, doing it with no makeup on is another. Either way, they are both winners!

4. Looking cool in a beanie

Olivia Rodrigo looking cool in a beanie
Instagram @ oliviarodrigo

Here’s the proof!

You don’t need fancy eye shadows to look cool, a beanie is more than enough.

5. Calling someone with a banana

Olivia Rodrigo calling someone with a banana
Instagram @ oliviarodrigo

I don’t know where she got this idea from, but using a banana as a cell phone definitely drew attention.

Now, who cares if she was makeup-free here? Not me.

7. Lying in bed

Olivia Rodrigo lying in bed
Instagram @ oliviarodrigo

I’m not sure if it was the missing lashes and lipstick that’s playing tricks on my eyes. But Olivia looked like she just heard a ghost story in bed.

8. Younger Version

Young version of Olivia Rodrigo

I guess what they said is true.

You don’t need makeup when you’re young and pretty. You just don’t.

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