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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

Did she or didn’t she?

I’m sure this plastic surgery question is on many “Good Witch” viewers’ minds.

After all, Catherine Bell is in her 50s and she looks absolutely gorgeous! There are hardly any wrinkles on her face which I find a bit suspicious.

So, I just needed to do this.

Before and After Photos

I went back to her past photos to see if the younger Catherine could help me answer some questions. Here’s what I found out.

Did Catherine Bell have botox?

Did Catherine Bell have botox?

The million-dollar question!

I’ll be honest, Catherine’s face looks puffed up at times. It’s particularly evident around her face cheeks as shown in the right photos. It looks a bit swollen.

The funny thing is, her body shape looks the same so it’s not like her face got fatter due to weight gain.

This is a big sign that she might be getting botox injections. You can’t really see any lines on her cheeks and under the eyes. I’m guessing her forehead is clear too.

What do you think?

Has Catherine had a facelift?

Has Catherine Bell had a facelift?

This is a harder procedure to spot especially if Catherine already has botox.

The tightening of her facial skin might have been stretched by the fillers and not necessarily from a facelift. So I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt, for now.

Who knows what happens in a few years, right?

Does she have a nose job?

Catherine has a unique nose shape, especially around the tip which I find quite cute. So, it’s easy to tell if her nose has been worked on.

Based on the comparison pictures above, I couldn’t see differences nor have I found any evidence suggesting that a nose job took place.

So, let’s just move on, shall we?

Did Catherine get breast implants?

Did Catherine Bell get breast implants?

Let’s be honest, Catherine has a great body.

I’m sure her breast size has captured the attention of many over the years. So I don’t blame people who think she’s had a boob job, although I don’t agree.

While Catherine does have a large cup size, her boobs are quite low on her chest, which means they are actually sagging. This is a sign of natural breasts, unlike fake implants that tend to defy the law of gravity.

Now, whether she’ll get a lift in the future is another story.


I’ll be upfront.

Whether Catherine had any nip and tuck is none of my business. She will always be an actress whom I love and will continue to watch. But since she is a public figure and a celebrity, I’m just curious to see whether cosmetic surgery is her thing. It’s not even a big deal these days.

Of course, I’ll let you make up your own mind.

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