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Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Britney Spears

She just looks different.

I know age is a big factor but something tells me that Britney Spears might have gotten plastic surgery too.

There is no way to tell, of course, unless I dig deeper.

Much deeper.

Before and After Pictures

I’ll be focusing my comparisons on a few key areas. This should tell us if there is anything fishy about Britney’s appearance.

Did Britney Spears have a nose job?

Britney Spears nose job before and after photo comparison

This could be it, guys.

Yes, I’m suspecting Britney of having a nose job because her nasal bridge looks much thinner than her younger self. The tip also looks more defined and is pointier too.

Sure, her age and weight might have contributed to the slender nose shape, but if you ask me, I’m still leaning towards a “yes” here.

What about you?

Has she had botox injections?

Britney Spears botox before and after photo comparison

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Britney clearly had some lines and wrinkles around her cheeks and jawline. They seem to have faded recently so she could be using botox to treat those areas.

To be fair, the singer gained some fat on her face lately and there is a thing called an Instagram filter too.

Did Britney get a boob job?

Britney Spears boob job before and after photo comparison

I’m going to say NO to this one.

We all know that Britney has a great body and her breasts have never been considered small by any means.

In other words, she doesn’t need a boob job and I doubt she’ll ever get one.

What happened to her teeth?

Britney Spears teeth before and after photo comparison

Okay, I’m seeing teeth gaps here.

Not sure when this started but it has definitely taken a toll on Britney’s trademark smile. She always had these beautiful straight teeth that gave her a gorgeous smile.

I guess veneers will be her best friend soon.

Final Thoughts

To me, Britney has always been a beautiful girl and she still is.

While there were signs of cosmetic enhancements but if it’s true, I don’t think she has overdone it.

Honestly, I don’t think she needs to change a thing.

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