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Top 7 Avril Lavigne No Makeup Photos Revealed

By Kass Barrera


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I don’t get it.

It was almost impossible to find Avril Lavigne without her eyeliner. I managed to find only a few but it was bloody hard.

Seriously, it’s not like her no makeup pictures are bad or anything.

1. Whistle like pro

Avril Lavigne whistle like a pro

I’m not sure if all musicians are good at whistling but I’m certain that many will not look this good without makeup on.

2. Sitting down without eyeliner

Avril Lavigne sitting down without eyeliner

This is a rare find.

It is probably the only photo I can say that Avril had absolutely no eyeliner on. Take a closer look and zoom in if you have to.

3. Flawless smile

Avril Lavigne flawless smile

Do you see what I mean?

Avril does not need heavy mascara to look gorgeous. This bare-face smile proves that she is naturally flawless.

4. Pimple scars under the sun

Avril Lavigne with pimple scars under the sun

It looks like Avril was dealing with some acne problems during this period. Without the foundation and concealer, those scars had no place to hide under the sunlight.

5. Behind the black frame glasses

Avril Lavigne with black frame glasses

Can you see something hiding behind those black frames?

Yes, she doesn’t like leaving home without her eye makeup.

6. After bath selfie

Avril Lavigne after bath selfie

Avril is not letting her eyes rest even when she is taking a bath. Maybe she just wanted this selfie to look its best.

7. At the beach house

Avril Lavigne at the beach house

I guess this is one of the few places on the planet where Avril can go makeup-free without any worries.

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