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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

For a woman over 55, I think Halle Berry is aging quite well.

I’m serious and you can see this yourself.

That’s why I want to know if she’s had any work done. The following comparison photos should give me some hints.

Did Halle Berry have botox?

Halle Berry botox before and after comparison photo

There seems to be an extra level of smoothness and volume on Halle’s face.

It could be botox but only a minimal amount. Her face cheeks are not puffy by any means and it’s just enough to reduce those smile lines.

If she did use fillers, then it was done with care.

Did Halle get a facelift?

Halle Berry facelift before and after comparison photo

I couldn’t see anything here.

While some of the fine lines on the actress’ face have reduced, her facial skin is not particularly tightened.

This doesn’t look like a facelift to me.

Has she had a nose job?

Halle Berry nose job before and after comparison photo

I’m still not sure why some people think Halle had her nose chiseled.

I don’t see many differences in her nose bridge and nose tip. Perhaps it’s been the makeup that has been causing all the confusion.

It’s just rumor as far as I’m concerned.

Did Halle have a boob job?

Halle Berry boob job before and after comparison photo

If you never questioned Halle’s breasts, then I think you’re probably lying.

Halle has a great body so it’s only natural that people will raise this question.

But I’m here to tell you that her boobs are real. Based on a number of photo analysis, I believe they are not implants.

Final Thoughts

I never make things up.

The only plastic surgery I’m suspecting Halle of having is facial filler. I just couldn’t find anything else.

It wasn’t clear cut but I think it’s close enough.