Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Ok, some people are going to blow up at me for saying this.

I think Taylor Swift is the most beautiful female singer of all time. I also believe that her beauty is natural and is not enhanced by plastic surgery, not even a tiny bit.

Of course, I always back things up with evidence.

Just like this.

Before and After Pictures

You have no idea how many photos I went through to put these comparisons together. I must say I was excited but also a little disappointed.

Has Taylor Swift had botox?

Has Taylor Swift had botox?

Let’s start with the singer’s face.

I’ve been hearing some noises about Taylor having botox injections but I’m not buying it. Some people are saying that her face doesn’t look natural, especially when she laughs.

Well, I have done the comparison here and her smile lines are still quite visible to me. I honestly don’t think she’s used any fillers on those cheeks. The girl is only in her early 30s and she doesn’t need it.

Did Taylor have a nose job?

Did Taylor Swift have a nose job?

On the left, we have Taylor at just 15 years old. It’s clear as day that her nose hasn’t changed much compared to her recent self. This includes the bridge, tip and wings.

I just can’t see any nose work here. Taylor’s nose is natural and has never been altered in any way, shape or form.

Did Taylor get lip fillers?

Did Taylor Swift get lip fillers?

This one was easy.

Although these pictures were taken years apart, both of Taylor’s top and bottom lips look identical. So no, she has never done lip injections as far as I’m concerned.

Has Taylor had breast implants?

Has Taylor Swift had breast implants?

I really struggled with this one.

Prior to 2013, Taylor’s breasts definitely looks smaller to me and despite the fact that she’s been faking it with the way she dressed, there was only so much she could do. She just didn’t have the size.

Now, if you look at her pictures from 2013 onwards, it seems like she didn’t even have to try. Her boobs just look bigger no matter what she was wearing and she looks more confident too with the way she poses in front of the cameras.

So yes, I’m leaning towards a boob job here. I don’t know if they are implants or a breast lift, but if it’s true, then I honestly think these procedures made her look super hot!

Did Taylor get a butt lift?

Did Taylor Swift get a butt lift?

It’s obvious that Taylor’s butt has gotten bigger over the years and that’s why this before and after comparison was done.

If you’re a Swift fan, however, then you should know that your idol has gained quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years. This was evident from looking at the size of her thighs.

When you have bigger thighs, you tend to have a bigger bum too, right?

So I don’t think she’s had any work done to her rear end.

Final Thoughts

I’m still backing my words that Taylor is the most beautiful music artist in the world. I’m also happy to say that Taylor’s face is free of cosmetic surgery but can I say the same about her body?

The answer is no.

I don’t mean it in a bad way either because whatever Taylor has done to her chest is only making her look hotter. That’s just the truth. At least from my perspective.