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Top 5 Dolly Parton Without Makeup Photos Revealed

She doesn’t leave home without her wig and makeup.

If I’m honest, the only thing that gets to see Dolly Parton’s bare face is her bathroom mirror. But I managed to find some.

This is as close as we could get.

1. She looks different

Dolly Parton looks different when she was young

If I didn’t say it, you’d probably never know that this is Dolly Parton. She was young, makeup-free, and looked very different.

2. Keeping her face light at home

Dolly Parton keeping her face light on makeup at home

Yes, she had some light powder and eyeliner on. It’s not much according to her usual standard and that’s only because she was at home.

3. Young and pretty

Dolly Parton young and pretty

I’m not sure if Dolly had her wig on but she definitely had no makeup and looks very pretty!

4. Trying the Marilyn Monroe look

Dolly Parton trying the Marilyn Monroe look

I think Dolly nailed it with this minimal makeup but where is the moe? Is it in the wrong spot?

5. Black and white again

Dolly Parton in black and white

Sorry about that.

As I said, there weren’t many pictures of Dolly without makeup and while she did have some eyelashes in this one, the rest of her face was fairly plain.

We tried our best and please let us know if you happen to find some too.

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