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Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Dua Lipa Plastic Surgery

I don’t know who to believe anymore.

Some people say Dua Lipa photoshopped her photos while others believe she simply had plastic surgery. The singer herself has denied the photoshopping but hasn’t said much about the latter.

So I’ll try to find out myself.

Did Dua Lipa have lip injections?

Dua Lipa lip injections before and after photo comparison

There were rumors about how Lipa photoshopped her baby picture to make her lips look bigger so I’ve decided to leave that out.

Instead, I have used a picture from her debut year and you can clearly see how thick her lips were, especially the bottom part.

Sure, her top lip looks poutier now but given that she wasn’t wearing any lip gloss and plumper at the time, I’m going to say NO. I don’t think the singer had lip fillers and it’s simply makeup effects.

Has Lipa had a boob job?

Dua Lipa boob job before and after photo comparison

At first glance, it’s easy to mistaken those with breast implants. I almost did too.

Dua Lip does not have large boobs by any means and she hasn’t been the type of girl to use “push up” either. But it doesn’t mean the girl has no breasts at all. It just wasn’t her style, until recently.

I think she’s just more into push up dresses these days and that’s basically it.

Did Lipa get a butt lift?

Dua Lipa butt lift before and after photo comparison

Oh what! Did Dua Lipa’s butt got smaller?

Yes, I think it did but that’s only because she has gotten slimmer overall. If you factor in her pose here, there really isn’t much differences in terms of her buttock size. This basically says all-natural to me.

Honestly, Lipa has a very proportional body shape and she has kept it that way. Whether she’ll want a bigger butt in the future is another story.

Did Lipa have a nose job?

Dua Lipa nose job before and after photo comparison

Not sure about you, but I think Lipa’s nose looks super cute!

She doesn’t have a very pointy nose tip like other female celebrities and that’s what makes it so unique.

Based on these comparison photos, I can’t see any evidence that she has tampered with her nose in any way or shape. I’m glad she didn’t either. She doesn’t need it.


I can’t predict the future.

All I can say is that so far, there is no proof connecting cosmetic surgery with Dua Lipa. Something tells me that she’s all about embracing natural beauty. But this girl is in her 20s and in a business full of temptation so I guess we’ll see.