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Teyana Taylor Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Teyana Taylor plastic surgery

I don’t care anymore.

Even if Tayana Taylor has gotten plastic surgery, I still think she is a success story.

Just look at her.

This woman is stunning!

Before and After Pictures

I still want to know what procedures Teynna has undergone though. That’s why I’m doing these comparisons on her.

Did Teyana Taylor have a nose job?

Teyana Taylor nose job before and after comparison photo

I know.

It’s probably unfair to compare Teyana’s photo from this far back, but if a nose job has really taken place, then I think this will show.

And her nose does look a lot thinner than before, so I’m leaning towards a ‘yes’ here. What about you?

Did she get lip injections?

Teyana Taylor lip injections before and after comparison photo

If there is one thing I can be certain of, that is Teyana did not have lip injections.

Just look how thick her lips were.

She clearly doesn’t need any fillers in them.

Has Teyana had a boob job?

Has Teyana Taylor had a boob job?

I tell you what.

Teyana has an incredible body shape but I don’t think she has ever confessed to having a boob job. In fact, the last time I heard, she actually said she underwent a breast reduction procedure after having her child.

Now, whether this was a smoke screen to remove her breast implants, to reduce its size, or whatever, I’ll let you decide.

What about a butt lift?

Teyana Taylor butt lift before and after comparison photo

I honestly don’t know if her curve is real or fake.

Does it matter?

Even if Teyana did get a butt lift, I still think the injection has done her wonders.

She is hot!

Final Thoughts

I have witnessed a lot of transformation in Hollywood but Teyana is right up there in my top 10 of the most beautiful.

Now, whether this is the work of cosmetic surgery or something else, you can decide that for yourself. As for me, I don’t really care.