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These 12 Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photos Are Barely Recognizable

By Kass Barrera


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Sofia Vergara No Makeup

I got a confession to make.

There have been times when I wished a contestant from America’s Got Talent would come up with a stunt that involves dunking Sofia Vergara’s head into the water.

Yes, I wanted to see someone strip her makeup on national TV.

It sounds evil, I know, but I just wanted to see how the crowd would react. I think she would look like a different person.

And it turns out I was right.

1. Who are you?

Sofia Vergara who are you?
Instagram @ sofiavergara

This is exactly what I meant.

Without the cosmetics, Sofia is barely recognizable.

If she didn’t post this picture herself, there is no way on earth anyone would know it’s her, except maybe her husband.

2. Seven wonders of the world

Sofia Vergara seven wonders of the world
Instagram @ sofiavergara

Here’s a throwback picture Sofia posted recently.

Ladies and gentlemen…I present to you the “Seven Wonders of the World”.

Can you tell which one she is?

3. Coffee before everything

Sofia Vergara coffee before everything

It’s easy to see how important coffee is to Sofia. The caffeine comes before everything else, including her makeup!

4. Grumpy face

Sofia Vergara grumpy face

Not sure what Sofia spotted here as she looks rather grumpy. Perhaps she didn’t want anyone to see her bare face?

That’s understandable.

5. This selfie is too sweet

Sofia Vergara selfie is too sweet
Instagram @ sofiavergara

This makeup-free selfie was shared 5 years ago when Sofia was soaking up some sun ahead of her Mexico trip. I think she was just trying to show everyone how to get an even face tan.

How sweet!

6. Her mind is blank

Sofia Vergara her mind is blank

Looks like it’s not just the actress’s face that is blank here, but her mind as well.

I’m just wondering if she had any eyeliner though. I think she did.

7. Swimming with glasses

Sofia Vergara swimming with glasses

Honestly, I don’t think the Modern Family star was too serious about having a swim today. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be wearing glasses, right?

8. Afternoon nap

Sofia Vergara afternoon nap
Instagram @ sofiavergara

There is nothing wrong with taking an afternoon nap, but it’s probably best to fix your hair and put on some lipstick before posting a selfie.

Just saying…

9. Inside the gym room

Sofia Vergara inside the gym room
Instagram @ sofiavergara

Ever wonder how Sofia gets that great body?

It’s a gift, I know, but she works out a lot too and this is the perfect proof.

10. Sick in bed

Sofia Vergara sick in bed
Instagram @ sofiavergara

Apparently, Sofia was sick and missed the Oscars. That’s why she posted this black and white photo telling her fans that she was alright.

But..did she have eyeshadow on? If you were sick in bed, why would you bother?

I think she was pretending…

11. Happy to be free

Sofia Vergara happy to be free

Sofia was spotted on the street without a single particle of makeup and funny enough, she looks so happy!

Perhaps this is the meaning of being free?

12. Morning walk

Sofia Vergara morning walk

The AGT judge went for an early morning walk and clearly had no makeup on. So I wonder how these reporters recognized her?

Oh…I see.

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