Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

It’s 100% true.

I find Madison Beer very attractive and it’s not just her voice.

This girl is absolutely stunning but there is something about her beauty that seems a bit unnatural. I can’t quite explain it.

So I’m guessing plastic surgery here.

Before and After Photos

The only way to know the truth is by comparing pictures.

Check it out.

Has Madison Beer had a nose job?

Has Madison Beer had a nose job?

I really do envy her.

Madison has a beautiful nose so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a nose job.

But if you look carefully at her earlier photo, her nose shape really hasn’t changed much. You can see it from the bridge to the tip.

This is all the proof I need to say nope.

Did Madison get lip injections?

Did Madison Beer have lip injections?

Not sure if you already know this, but Madison has actually admitted to having lip injections on TikTok.

I don’t know why she decided to come clean. Perhaps she really has no choice to deny it, especially with evidence like this?

Either way, this girl has earned my respect in terms of her honesty.

Did Madison have a boob job?

Did Madison Beer have a boob job?

There are times when Madison Beer’s breasts look bigger than usual so I can understand where all the boob job rumors come from. She has a great body!

But I think her boobs are real and she’s just been using a push-up bra to increase her cup size. They don’t look like implants, especially in this dress.

This is a trick that most girls use anyway so I don’t blame her.

What about botox?

Did Madison Beer have botox?

It’s amazing what makeup can do for a person and this is just what I think it is.

She’s still young and doesn’t need to touch botox.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t really much to say about the singer.

I mean, she’s already confessed about the lip fillers so I don’t see any reason for her to lie about the rest of her face being natural.

The fact is, there is no surgical evidence to suggest otherwise.

I believe her.