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10 Young Pictures of Mila Kunis You Don’t Want To Miss

I almost forgot that Mila Kunis started her career at a young age.

In fact, I have forgotten what she looked like back then and before she became an internationally recognized star.

So it’s time to refresh some memory.

1. The baby with a chubby face

Mila Kunis baby photo with a chubby face

What a cute toddler Mila was!

Not sure about you, but I just want to squeeze that chubby face.

2. Looking like Minnie Mouse at school

Mila Kunis in school

This was Mila during her primary school years.

Judging by the way she dressed, I bet you Minnie Mouse was her idol back then.

3. First TV Commercial for Barbie

Mila Kunis first TV Barbie commercial

Mila made her screen debut after landing a role on a Barbie TV commercial. It’s easy to see why this little girl was chosen.

4. Young Babe of Baywatch

Mila Kunis in Baywatch

Okay, I probably exaggerated this a bit but Mila did appear twice on Baywatch. She was clearly a child star in the making.

5. First successful supporting role in Gia

Mia Kunis in the movie Gia

Before Mila made it big in movies, she played a number of minor supporting roles including Gia, where she played the younger version of Angelina Jolie.

Her performance was heavily praised.

6. Real life doll

Mila Kunis looked like a real life doll

You know those girlish dress up dolls you played with as a child?

Well, I think Mila looks like one of those but in real life. That’s how pretty she was.

7. She also looked like a princess

Mila Kunis looked like a princess when she was young

Oh yes, she did.

I can’t remember if she actually played any princess role though.

8. Having a sweet drink

Mila Kunis having a sweet drink

Every girl has a sweet tooth and it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old.

9. Warming up at 16

Mila Kunis at 16 years old

If you think that Mila looks hot at 16 years old, I can tell you she was just warming up.

10. Posing for magazine covers

Mila Kunis posing for magazine front cover

Here is a magazine front cover photoshoot Mila did when she was 18.

She was young, sexy, and her foxy journey just got started.

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