Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I think most people can see that Nicole Kidman had some form of plastic surgery.

Needless to say, I am one of them.

The only difference is, I let the pictures show me the truth.

Just like these ones.

Has Nicole Kidman had botox injections?

Nicole Kidman botox before and after comparison photo

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for her.

Nicole’s face looks smooth and puffy. The only explanation I could think of is botox.

Just look at her face cheeks, forehead and jawline. I can barely find a single wrinkle.

Can you?

Did Nicole get a facelift?

Nicole Kidman facelift before and after comparison photo

Her face looks stretched.

But I don’t know if we can put that down to facial fillers or a facelift.

I’m leaning towards the latter.

Did she have a nose job?

Nicole Kidman nose job before and after comparison photo

Nicole’s nose looks the same to me whether it’s the tip or the nasal bridge.

She did not have her nose done.


Does Nicole have lip fillers?

Nicole Kidman lip fillers before and after comparison photo

I think there was a time that Nicole did try lip injections.

But that’s old news.

She’s not getting them anymore.

Did Nicole have breast implants?

Nicole Kidman breast implants before and after comparison photo

I think she did.

However, she most likely got a boob job to have her implants removed.

Her chest looks flatter nowadays but I could be wrong.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to make this short.

Despite all the cosmetic surgery evidence that I have seen, Nicole Kidman is still one of the most beautiful actresses in my heart.

I’ll end it right here.