Top 10 Salma Hayek No Makeup Photos Revealed

I didn’t believe it.

The more I saw Salma Hayek posting pictures of herself without makeup, the more I realize how confident she is in her natural beauty.

For a woman over 50, I lost count how many times she chooses to ignore the cosmetics

See it for yourself.

1. This was a beautiful morning

Salma Hayek in the beautiful morning
Instagram @ salmahayek

Yes, it was but I don’t know what’s more beautiful anymore. The morning sunshine or Salma Hayek going makeup-free?

2. Meditating at the beach

Salma Hayek is meditating at the beach
Instagram @ salmahayek

I had no idea that meditation and the beach go together. Apparently, it does if you’re Salma. Maybe she was at a private beach?

3. Wet hair look

Salma Hayek wet hair look
Instagram @ salmahayek

I suppose when you’re wet, there is no point putting on foundation and mascara. They will just melt under water.

Salma knows what she is doing.

4. Naughty Owl is standing on her head

Salma Hayek pet owl standing on her head while she's sleeping
Instagram @ salmahayek

Meet Kering, Salma’s pet owl.

It got a little naughty this afternoon while the actress is taking a nap.

5. The Mexican wife

Salma Hayek played a Mexican wife in the movie

Here is Salma playing a Mexican wife in the movie, The Roads Not Taken.

It was a scene where she had no makeup but she looks absolutely stunning!

6. Bonding with nature

Salma Hayek bonding with nature
Instagram @ salmahayek

It’s obvious that Hayek likes to bond with nature and she likes to do it with her natural bare face too. I guess it makes sense.

7. Testing the night mode

Salma Hayek testing the night mode on her phone camera
Instagram @ salmahayek

I’m sure Salma was just testing the night mode on her phone camera here. It’s not bad, but it would have been better if she had lipstick on.

8. Getting into the car

Salma Hayek getting in her car

The gorgeous actress was just trying to get in her car. Nothing to see here.

9. Swimming with a hat

Salma Hayek swimming with her hat
Instagram @ salmahayek

I can understand why she wasn’t wearing any eyeshadow but why was she wearing her hat inside the swimming pool?

She is in the water, after all.

10. Showing off the side of her face

Salma Hayek showing off the side of her face
Instagram @ salmahayek

It’s just one of those times where Salma wanted to show off the side of her face. Even with no makeup, you’d have to agree that she is beautiful.