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Summer Walker Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Summer Walker plastic surgery

She hasn’t been shy about it.

Yes, I’m talking about Summer Walker admitting to having plastic surgery during interviews in the past. It’s hard to deny it, I guess.

The singer looks incredible!

But she hasn’t confirmed every procedure though.

Before and After Photos

So I’m doing some comparisons on Summer to see if I can get a bit more information. This is what I found out.

Did Summer Walker have a nose job?

Summer Walker nose job before and after comparison photo

For starters, Summer has never confirmed her nose job rumors.

But I think we can all agree that Summer’s nose looks a lot different than her younger days. The bridge and the tip are definitely more refined.

I read somewhere that her plastic surgeon posted the singer’s nose work on Twitter, but these were all talks, no substance (aka: no evidence).

Has Summer had breast implants?

Summer Walker breast implants before and after comparison photo

This was confirmed.

The subject was brought up during her interview with Ari Lennox and Summer was quick to admit that she needed the boobs.

Even if she didn’t, you can tell from her cleavage that she’s gotten breast implants.

Can’t you?

Did Summer get butt injections?

Summer Walker butt injections before and after comparison photo

Yes, she did.

Summer said she used to have a back that ran into her buttocks so it was like a really flat and long back.

She needed a butt so she got it lifted by getting an enhancement done.

What about lip fillers?

Summer Walker lip fillers before and after comparison photo

I think the answer is clear.

The singer already has thick lips before she got famous so she doesn’t need the lip fillers.

A straight ‘no’ from me.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think Summer has deliberately tried to hide her cosmetic procedures. She probably didn’t feel the need to be upfront about it.

And she’s right.

You just don’t go around telling people that you got your face and body done. Unless, you’re talking to a friend like that interview she had.

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