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Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery

I didn’t realize how gorgeous Jennifer Jason Leigh was back in her prime. I mean, this actress was seriously HOT! But this wasn’t the reason for my plastic surgery suspicion.

It was her recent appearances that raised the alarm.

Don’t get me wrong.

I still think Jennifer looks beautiful for her age and that’s why I needed to do this.

Before and After Photos

Although she has never admitted it, I’m guessing she has been seeking help in the anti-aging department. Let’s see if I’m right.

Did Jennifer Jason Leigh have botox?

Did Jennifer Jason Leigh have botox?

I can’t remember exactly when this interview took place.

But there was something unnatural about Jennifer’s face during that interview. She suddenly looks 10 years younger!

You can see the extra volume on her cheeks and there are fewer lines on her forehead also. This is usually the desired effects from botox so I’m leaning towards a yes here.

Has Jennifer had a facelift?

Has Jennifer Jason Leigh had a facelift?

Yes, Jennifer is approaching her 60s and I’m almost certain that some women would consider a facelift around this age. But I don’t think she’s had one.

At least not yet.

Did Jennifer get a boob job?

Did Jennifer Jason Leigh get a boob job?

See what I mean?

I wasn’t lying when I said that Jennifer was a real hottie. She had this Marilyn Monroe vibe about her that I never knew existed.

Although this shot was “pushed”, she did have a great body and is enough to convince me that her breasts are natural too.

What about a nose job?

Has Jennifer Jason Leigh had a nose job?

Not sure why I did this comparison.

I guess I was just curious to know if a beautiful woman like Jennifer Jason Leigh would have her nose done.

The answer is clear as day.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing (and scary) how time can change a person’s appearance.

I’m sure Jennifer is feeling it too as she approaches her 60s. But I can confirm that she’s never had surgeries on her face and body.

She might have gotten fillers to reduce some wrinkles and that’s her choice.

Aren’t these stuff as common as face creams these days?

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