15 Times Cardi B Caught On Camera Without Makeup

Cardi B is all about keeping it real.

This includes the numerous times she went on camera with no makeup on showing the world her most natural face.

I must admit…she looks rather different without the fancy eyeshadows, eyelashes and lipsticks. In fact, I probably wouldn’t recognize her on the streets.

Or will I?

Hmmm…you tell me.

1. Mickey B

Cardi B is wearing mickey mouse ears in Disneyland

Cardi was spotted in Disneyland with her daughter Kulture. Honestly, most people might not notice her even if they were queueing for the same ride.

This makeup-less tactic along with a large pair of Mickey Mouse ears almost guaranteed minimal disturbance on their family day.

Smart move I’d say.

2. Lady In Blue

Cardi B is a lady in blue dress

I don’t know.

It looks like Cardi B got out of shower in a hurry, quickly put on a blue dress and headed out to the shopping mall.

By the way, is that a shower cap on her head?

3. Bigger Motherhood

Cardi B with bigger motherhood
Instagram / iamcardib

She posted this barefaced video on her social media account telling her followers that her boobs got bigger, all thanks to her newfound motherhood.

4. Sick Album

Cardi B was sick when recording her album
Instagram / iamcardib

Ever wonder what Cardi B looks like when she’s sick?

Well, this picture was posted while she was battling a cold approx. a week prior to the release of her album “Invasion of Privacy”.

5. Sleepy Eyes

Cardi B with sleepy eyes
Instagram / iamcardib

Did the rapper just wake up or is she about to go to sleep?

Either way, she’s still beautiful even with the messy hair.

6. Beanie Inside Car

Cardi B wearing a beanie inside car with no makeup

It must be really cold outside, otherwise, why would she be wearing a beanie inside the car and without makeup too?

7. Opening Her Mouth

Cardi B opening her mouth
Instagram / iamcardib

When this singer opens her mouth, you just know she has something to rant about. Apparently, this time was about the bruising on her legs following her incredible Grammy performance.

Hey…a girl has to let off some steam at times.

8. Hair Braiding

Makeup-less Cardi B with hair braiding
Instagram / iamcardib

Cardi B is no virgin when it comes to braiding her hair, but it just looks that much better when she’s not wearing any cosmetics. Don’t you agree?

9. Angry Face

Cardi B with an angry face
Instagram / iamcardib

Why was she so angry?

Well, apparently a man was talking about how she used to be a stripper and it really made her click!!

10. Out of a Bath

Cardi B out of a bath
Instagram / iamcardib

It’s no secret that Cardi B likes to share her private life with her fans. Here’s one where she just stepped out of the bath with a towel over her wet hair.

11. Before Fame

Cardi B before fame

I suspect this was one of her pre-debut photos. At least we know that makeups weren’t her number one priority. Surprise!

12. Don’t Mess With Her Shower

Don't mess with Cardi B when she's taking a shower
Instagram / iamcardib

Just don’t…

13. Dolphin Kiss

Cardi B receives a dolphin kiss

Who wants to kiss our queen?

A dolphin.

14. Those Nails

Cardi B with those nails

Honestly, even if you don’t recognize a makeup-free Cardi B on the streets, I’m sure you will at least recognize her nails, right?

15. Funniest Face

Cardi B funniest face

Come on now.

We all know what Cardi is like so let’s just enjoy her sense of humor.