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Top 7 Dua Lipa Without Makeup Pictures Revealed

By Kass Barrera


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Dua Lipa Without Makeup

I knew it.

Before I put this list together, I knew that Dua Lipa would look similar without makeup. And it turns out that I was right.

This girl is the definition of pure beauty. Any other cosmetics you put on her face is just secondary.

You’ll see what I mean.

1. She has skin problems too

Dua Lipa has skin problems too
Instagram @ dualipa

Without the concealer covering up her skin, Lipa is showing the world that she has to deal with acne problems too.

2. Having fun by the pool

Dua Lipa having fun by the swimming pool
Instagram @ dualipa

It’s great to see the singer having so much fun at the swimming pool. Look at her. She actually stuck her tongue out!

3. Going in for a workout

Dua Lipa going for a workout

When you see Dua Lipa in full active gear and no makeup, you know she’s heading to the gym for a workout. But something tells me that she doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s just one of those “very” lazy days.

4. Getting things off her chest

Dua Lipa getting things off her chest on Instagram live
Instagram @ dualipa

Remember this Instagram live moment when Lipa announced that she was releasing her single early because it was leaked online?

She didn’t even bother to put on her lipstick and just wanted to get it off her chest.

5. Sipping on fresh coconut

Dua Lipa sipping on fresh coconut drink
Instagram @ dualipa

Nothing else matters in the world when you’re sipping on a fresh natural coconut. I bet you it tastes even better when you’re barefaced too. It’s like bonding with nature.

6. Just going for a drive

Dua Lipa going for a drive
Instagram @ dualipa

I have no idea where she was heading. But since she left her eyeshadow and mascara at home, I doubt she’s going very far. Maybe she just wanted to go for a cruise.

7. Swimming makes her happy

Dua Lipa swimming at the beach looking very happy
Instagram @ dualipa

I don’t know if her makeup-free face has anything to do with it, but Dua Lipa looks very happy every time she swims, even at the beach.

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