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20 Rare Lady Gaga Without Makeup Pics You Must See

By Kass Barrera


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Lady Gaga Without Makeup

When it comes to makeup and crazy fashion, Lady Gaga has been slaying it.

Every time she performs, you can expect the best visual and audible experiences.

But what if she has no makeup on?

Check it out!

1. Gyrotonic Workout Is Her Thing:

Lady Gaga likes gyrotonic workout
Instagram / ladygaga

Apparently, Gaga is a fan of Gyrotonic training. Now we know why she is always in shape and has the lung capacity to hit those really high and powerful notes.

The fact that she wasn’t wearing makeup proves how intensive this training was

2. The Claw:

Lady Gaga with the claw hand
Instagram / ladygaga

Not sure why she got the claws out as her natural face already captured my attention. She looks so gorgeous without makeup.

3. She Loves Dogs:

Lady Gaga Loves Dogs

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga is a true dog lover. If there is a chance to take a doggie selfie, she will take it even if it meant going barefaced.

By the way, was she in pajamas?

4. Secret Shopping Failed:

Lady Gaga went on a secret shopping trip without makeup

The singer was spotted emptying her shopping trolley in a car park. It’s obvious she wanted to remain anonymous by wearing those large sunglasses and no makeup.

Too bad, her secret shopping trip was exposed.

5. Invisible Blonde Eyebrows:

Lady Gaga with invisible looking blonde eyebrows
Instagram / ladygaga

At first, I thought Lady Gaga had no eyebrows. Then I realized she dyed it blonde. Her brows almost look invisible, especially with that blonde color hair.

6. Nose Ring Is Nothing:

Lady Gaga with nose ring is nothing special
Instagram / ladygaga

By her standards, a nose ring is really nothing special. I bet you she has piercings in other hidden places on her body.

7. Gym Equipment Junkie:

Lady Gaga is a gym equipment junkie
Instagram / ladygaga

It appears that Gaga is obsessed with all types of gym equipment. Here, she works out on the pilates reformer, a rather uncommon piece if you ask me.

But judging from her makeup-less face and tied up bun, I’d say her muscles will burn.

8. A Beautiful Star Is Born:

Lady Gaga is beautiful and makeup free in A Star Is Born
Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

A lot of people said Lady Gaga went au-natural in this movie, but I suspect she had a little help. She was just too beautiful and flawless.

I’m guessing she had a minimal touch of eyeshadows around the top eyelids, a thin layer of foundation for even skin tones and lip gloss for a natural shine.

What do you think?

9. Happiness On The Beach:

Lady Gaga found happiness on the beach with no makeup

Wearing a green bikini, double ponytail and without makeup, Lady Gaga looked so happy at the beach. She’s like a kid in a candy store.

You can tell by her smile that this was true happiness coming from the heart. I guess nature is best to enjoy, naturally.

10. Perfect Wakeup Selfie:

This Lady Gaga wake up selfie is too perfect to be true
Instagram / ladygaga

The pretty singer posted this wake up selfie on her Instagram and it seems too good to be true. She just looks too perfect with her tidied up hair, curled up lashes and smooth skin.

No one looks this good after a long night’s sleep. I don’t care who you are.

11. Inside a Bottle Shop:

Lady Gaga inside a bottle shop
Instagram / ladygaga

When you’re heading to the bottle shop at night to buy alcohol, you always bring your dog along for extra security. It barks, right?

12. Removing Makeup Feels Good:

Lady Gaga is removing makeup and feels good

An assistant is wiping the makeup off Gaga’s face and you can almost sense how good and free she felt.

13. Side Face Selfie:

Lady Gaga Side Face Selfie
Instagram / ladygaga

I’m not sure why the star posted this makeup-less selfie showing her side face. Was she trying to find flaws? I can’t see any.

14. In The Swimming Pool:

Lady Gaga in the swimming pool
Instagram / ladygaga

I’m not surprised that she’s swimming in a pool. She is an active person after all.

What I wanted to know is…the waterproof phone brand she used to take this pic.

15. Cooking At Home:

Lady Gaga cooking at home
Instagram / ladygaga

On her off days, Lady Gaga likes to cook at home. She doesn’t need to dress up, put on makeup, or try to impress anyone.

Those steaks look delicious!

16. Gaga Wears Plain Looking Glasses:

Lady Gaga wears plain looking glasses without makeup

I never thought I’d see a pair of plain glasses on the singer’s face. It’s pleasant looking at best but nowhere near her usual styles.

Maybe she was trying to stay low key and that’s why she didn’t have makeup on.

17. Weird Stare:

Lady Gaga weird stare

The singer may have spotted some paparazzi here and that’s why she gave them this weird stare.

Or perhaps it’s the smudged eyeliner that she didn’t wash off properly that gave off the unfriendly vibe?

18. Sleeping With Shoes:

Lady Gaga sleeping with shoes
Instagram / ladygaga

We all know that Lady Gaga is obsessed with clothing, shoes, and fashion in general. But when you start to sleep with shoes. I don’t know…

19. Waving At The Gym:

Lady Gaga waving at the gym without makeup

I’m not sure if she was waving at someone or just catching her breath, but when Lady Gaga goes to the gym without makeup, we know she’s gonna work hard.

20. Black Hair Is Sexy:

Lady Gaga with black hair and makeup-free is sexy
Instagram / ladygaga

Doesn’t she look sexy with black hair, especially when it’s a little wavy, messy and naughty? The fact that she is lying in bed and makeup free just slays it for me.

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