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7 Rare SSSniperwolf No Makeup Photos Revealed

By Siena Mason


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I guess being a famous Youtuber means you always have to look your best.

That’s why I had such a hard time finding pictures of SSSniperwolf without makeup. It was near impossible, to be honest.

But, I managed to find these.

1. Hiking is her thing

SSSniperwolf likes to hike

Apparently, SSSniperwolf likes to hike and I suppose it’s a great way to take beautiful pictures for her followers.

Maybe not in this case though since she had no makeup on. At least not much.

2. Early days video recording

SSSniperwolf early days youtube recording

Who can forget Lia in her early Youtube recording days?

Back then, she didn’t even bother to put on her heavy powder and mascara. Just a pair of glasses was how she rolled.

3. Pulling a funny face

SSSniperwolf pulling a funny face

We’ve all seen SSSniperwolf pulling all kinds of faces in her reaction videos. Well, here is a funny bare face for you.

4. Instagram Live Catfish

SSSniperwolf Instagram Live catfish
Instagram @sssniperwolf

I’m not sure what she meant by catfish in this Instagram Live. Everyone knows she is the real deal, right?

Maybe she just wanted to show off her no-makeup look.

5. Shopping Selfie

SSSniperwolf shopping selfie

It’s probably too far to tell but SSSniperwolf claimed she went to shopping without makeup but I’m not totally convinced.

6. Setting up the camera

SSSniperwolf setting up camera
Youtube / sssniperwolf

Looks like Lia was setting up her gear here so she wasn’t exactly camera-ready.

7. Police Mugshot

SSSniperwolf mug shot

Here is a barefaced mug shot of Lia when she got arrested for arguing too loud with her ex-boyfriend. Yes, her neighbors called the cops on her.

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