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Olivia Rodrigo Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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She is too young to get plastic surgery.

This is the first thought that crossed my mind when I did this post. I just didn’t think Olivia Rodrigo would want to temper with her look at this early stage of her career.

But, I could be wrong. That’s why I decided to do these comparisons on her.

Did Olivia Rodrigo have a nose job?

Olivia Rodrigo nose job before and after comparison photo

The answer is clear.

There are no visual differences on Olivia’s nose so I don’t think she had a nose job.

Every part of her nose looks the same to me.

Has Olivia had lip fillers?

Olivia Rodrigo lip fillers before and after comparison photo

This is an easy “no”.

There are no signs of lip injections that I can see. Her lips look quite natural to me and to be honest, she doesn’t need it anyway.

Did she get a boob job?

Olivia Rodrigo boob job before and after comparison photo

I’ve been hearing a lot of noises about Olivia’s boobs with some people claiming that she had breast implants.

I can understand where they’re coming from but the evidence is inconclusive to me.

She’s only 18 years old and her body is not fully settled so I don’t think she wants to mess with her breasts at this age. Also, if you look at the photos above, these pictures were taken just “days” apart, so I believe her top can be deceiving too.

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt here.

Final Thoughts

I’m sticking by my words.

Olivia is still young and is probably not at the right age to consider getting cosmetic surgery. I could be wrong but this is what I firmly believe.

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