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Top 7 Saweetie Without Makeup Photos Revealed

By Siena Mason


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Saweetie Without Makeup

I almost gave up.

Trying to find photos of Saweetie without makeup proved to be MUCH HARDER than I thought. This girl wears her eyelash extensions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

So please forgive me because these are the best ones I could find.

1. Showing her skincare routine

Saweetie is showing her skincare routine on Vogue
Vogue / youtube

Here we have Saweetie showing Vogue fans her skin care routine.

Since she had to wash her face, the rapper took off her eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation, but not her eyelashes though.

Oh no, you don’t touch them. Not even Vogue!

2. A Basic Day Out

Saweetie having a casual basic day out

When this photo was obtained and leaked by MTO news, fans were saying that Saweetie went from a hot babe to looking basic.

What do you think?

3. Short lashes by her standard

Saweetie with short lashes
Instagram @ saweetie

This was the only bare face picture I could find where Saweetie had really short lashes, at least by her standards. Those messy curly hair was just a bonus.

4. Relaxing by the pool

Saweetie relaxing by the pool
Instagram @ saweetie

Looks like the rapper is having a very relaxing day chilling by the pool. With a view like that, I’ll be enjoying the day too.

5. Leaving the gym

Saweetie leaving the gym

I don’t know what exercise she was doing and how long she has been working out at the gym. Judging by her face and long fingernails, I doubt the workout was too intensive.

6. Staying at home

Saweetie staying at home
Instagram @ saweetie

It was one of those days where Saweetie just wanted to stay home. Wearing no makeup and a pair of eyeglasses, I’d say she won’t be doing much today.

7. Rule on the street

Saweetie has 1 rule on the street

Here is another perfect example, guys.

Saweetie is happy to be seen makeup-free on the street but you will never see her leave home without her eyelashes. That’s the rule.

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