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10 Young Rihanna Pictures Before She Was Famous

Rihanna Young

I’m a Rihanna fan.

Maybe not a diehard fan but I have followed her since her first debut.

However, I don’t really know much about her before she became famous.

So, I want to see what the younger RiRi was like.

1. What an adorable baby

Rihanna baby picture

Yes, this was Rihanna when she was a baby. What a cute little angel!

2. Climbing trees was easy

Rihanna climbing tree in Barbados

Living in the small island of Barbados, tree climbing must be one of her hobbies. I guess she didn’t have many things to play with when she was young.

Rihanna was about 5 or 6 years old here.

3. Elementary School

Rihanna at elementary school

Pretty girl, right?

This is RiRi during her Elementary school days.

4. Stylish in her early teens

Rihanna was stylish in her early teen

Yes, she clearly had a sense of style during her early teenager days.

Those hair braidings were really something, huh?

5. She got slightly off track

Rihanna with crazy hair and oily face

Don’t ask me what happen here?

We’ve all been young once and I guess Rihanna is no different.

This is perhaps your only chance to see her messy afro hair and super oily face.

6. Sweet 16 year old

Rihanna at 16 years old

Some people say that a girl turns sweet at 16 and they’re not wrong.

7. Doing her homework

Rihanna doing her homework

I wonder if Rihanna was good at school.

Looking at the way she studies, I’d say her marks weren’t bad.

8. Making her debut

Rihanna made her debut at 17 years old

In 2005, Rihanna made her first debut album “Music of the Sun”.

She was only 17 at the time and had the whole world in front of her.

9. First studio recording

Rihanna first studio recording

I’m not sure if this was Rihanna’s first studio recording but judging by how young she looks, I’d say it’s pretty close.

10. Let the songs begin

Rihanna breakthrough at 18 years old

At 18 years old, Rihanna was still a blooming artist but she looked so hot.

During this year, she worked on her breakthrough album “Good Girls Gone Bad” and I guess you know the rest.