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Jesy Nelson Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Jesy Nelson Plastic Surgery

Just because Jesy Nelson left Little Mix, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching her.

In fact, it has been the exact opposite.

I have witnessed with my own eyes how much she has changed and I think plastic surgery is responsible for it.

Let’s see.

Before and After Pictures

I’m going to take a closer look and do some comparison on Jesy. Check it out.

Did Jesy Nelson have a nose job?

Jesy Nelson nose job before and after comparison photo

I thought she did.

But it turns out that Jesy did not have a nose job and I was wrong about her.

Jesy’s nose shape really hasn’t changed and all that she’s been doing is contour to make it look thinner.

That’s pretty much it.

Has Jesy had lip injections?

Jesy Nelson lip injections before and after comparison photo

Now, this one was different.

I have seen how swollen Jesy’s top lip looked in some of her pictures and if it’s not lip fillers, then I don’t know what it is.

So I’m edging towards a ‘yes’ here.

Did she get botox?

Jesy Nelson botox before and after comparison photo

Again, I was wrong about Jesy.

I thought botox is something that she’ll use to relax her jawline muscles so that her face would look slimmer.

But I couldn’t find any evidence.

What about breast implants?

Jesy Nelson breast implants before and after comparison photo

From what I gathered, Jesy doesn’t look like someone who needs a boob job.

She wasn’t a small body before she made her mark in Hollywood and that goes for her breasts too.

This is a ‘no’ from me.

Final Thoughts

It was less than I expected.

I honestly thought that Jesy would have gotten way more cosmetic enhancements than what I had found.

But she most likely only had injectables on her lips and nothing else.