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Saweetie Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos


She did not admit it, nor have denied it.

This was the answer from Saweetie when she was asked the “tough question” during an interview. Not fazed by the plastic surgery speculations, the rapper has been deflecting these types of questions in style.

So, I’m just going to do the comparison myself.

Did Saweetie get breast implants?

Sawwtie breast implants before and after comparison photo

It wasn’t easy doing this.

There weren’t many pictures of Saweetie before she gained fame and this is the best one I could find. Based on this comparison photo, her boobs do look bigger.

The fact that the singer has not outright denied having breast implants suggests that she may be hinting at something here.

Now, remember, Saweetie is not lying and it is her privacy whether she wants to tell the world or not. But I’m leaning towards a yes here. What about you?

Did she have a butt lift?

Saweetie butt lift before and after comparison photo

If I didn’t see this graduation photo, I would have thought she did.

This girl has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood so it wouldn’t surprise me if she did get an enhancement on her butt.

However, I think being half African American and Filipino have given her a larger hip, which usually means larger buttocks too.

Has Saweetie had a nose job?

Saweetie nose job before and after comparison photo

Besides the makeup, I honestly can’t tell much difference here.

If you have a cute nose like Saweetie’s, would you mess with it?

I don’t think so and neither did she.

What about lip injections?

Saweetie lip injections before and after comparison photo

Again, there isn’t much difference here.

I believe Saweetie’s genes have given her naturally plump lips. All she really needs is some lipstick and plumper, then she is ready to go.

I wouldn’t say she hasn’t tried lip fillers, but even if she did, it wouldn’t be a long-term thing.

Final Thoughts

In case you didn’t know, Saweetie is an advocate for women feeling good about themselves. She also believes that cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and a personal decision. I totally agree with her.

Regardless if she’s had work done or not, I think she looks absolutely stunning from head to toe. I will leave it at that.