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13 Rare Taylor Swift Without Makeup Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Taylor Swift Without Makeup

I’m not joking!

If there is a celebrity who looks similar with or without makeup, it’s Taylor Swift!

Oh yes, this girl is a true beauty and cosmetics to her is almost secondary.

Taylor has a unique face that naturally stands out and doesn’t need sophisticated contouring techniques like the Kardashians.

Just see it for yourself.

1. Turning Into a Man

Taylor Swift before turning into a man

Here’s a screenshot of Taylor’s bare face from her music video “The Man”. Towards the end of the clip, it shows how she transformed into a male through makeup, fake beard, hair and so on.

It was an incredible makeover and I did NOT recognize her!

2. She Went Bananas!

Taylor Swift went bananas!

This was the moment when Taylor became upset over a banana following her laser eye surgery. Jimmy Fallon somehow got this “No Makeup” footage from her mom and broadcasted it on his show.

The poor girl was in a lot of pain…

3. Night Time Selfie

Taylor Swift looks so beautiful in this night time selfie
Instagram @ taylorswift

Low light, casual hairstyle, and makeup-free – this is proof that the singer looks beautiful day and night.

4. Crying a River

Taylor Swift is crying a river

Not sure why she cried in the interview, but luckily she wasn’t wearing mascara. Otherwise, a black river would have been running down that face.

5. Swimming Taylor

Taylor Swift is swimming at the beach

It’s so nice to see a superstar such as Taylor Swift having a swim without all the hairdos and makeups getting in the way. Enjoy the beach, girl!

6. Driving Glasses

Taylor Swift needs driving glasses

Before Lasik, Miss Taylor needed glasses for driving.

7. Beauty and The Cat

Taylor Swift in the beauty and the cat snap
Instagram @ taylorswift

As a cat lover, this is just one of their many snaps. No big deal.

So forget the beast, I want to know if the beauty had eyeliners on instead. Hmmm…

8. Be My Guest

Taylor Swift cooking for guest at her barbecue
Instagram @ taylorswift

Who wouldn’t want to be invited to Taylor’s barbecue? Look at all that food!

Yes, she is cooking too.

9. Surprise At The Gym

Taylor Swift got surprised at the gym

I wonder who came into the gym and surprised her like that?

Could it be Dwayne Johnson, The Rock?

10. Giving Donuts

Taylor Swift is giving donuts
Instagram @ taylorswift

When Taylor Swift has no makeup on, she hides her face with a donut.

And it worked.

11. Casual Street Look

Taylor Swift is perfect in her casual street look

The gorgeous singer was spotted walking along the New York streets in a casual boxed shirt, black pants, and an over-the-shoulder handbag. This girl-next-door look is perfect!

12. Too Much Emotions

Taylor Swift has too much emotions

Taylor is filled with lots of emotions here.

It’s ok girl, just let it ALL out…

13. The Nerd

Taylor Swift is pretending to be a nerd in a prank

I bet you don’t know who this is, huh?

It’s Taylor pretending to be a nerd in big red glasses, braces and without makeup. She was doing a funny prank at The Tonight Show.

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