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10 Young Nicole Kidman Photos You Need To See

By Siena Mason


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I almost forgot what the younger Nicole Kidman looks like.

That’s why I made this post today to refresh my memory.

I think everyone needs to see this.

1. Natural red hair

Nicole Kidman childhood
via Facebook

There is a level of cheekiness to Nicole during her childhood. Regardless, this is proof that her natural hair color is red.

2 Pretty little girl

Nicole Kidman as a teenager
via Reddit

I’m not sure if she had makeup on here but she does look very pretty with those blushing face cheeks.

3. Looking cute in high school

Nicole Kidman in high school
via Pinterest

While Nicole was in high school, she still had a lot of baby fat on her face which made her look quite cute. That is the beauty of being young, of course.

4. Studying in Australia

Nicole Kidman studying in Australia
via Twitter

Even though Nicole was born in Hawaii, she was raised in Australia and studied in Sydney.

5. Finding the camera to look at

Nicole Kidman finding the camera
via Pinterest

I guess the actress didn’t have much experience back then with all the cameras targeting her. She wasn’t sure which one to look at.

6. Ponytail girl

Nicole Kidman with ponytail like a little girl
via Facebook

Nicole can easily look like a little girl with a simple ponytail.

7. This park portrait is gorgeous

Nicole Kidman park portrait
via Pinterest

I don’t know what else to say. She is simply stunning!

8. Short and cozy

Nicole Kidman with short and cozy hair
via Reddit

I honestly cannot remember Nicole with short hair so this was truly refreshing to look at. Her younger age was just cherry on the cake.

9. Batman Forever Girl

Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever
via Twitter

If you haven’t seen Batman Forever, you need to see it.

If you have seen it before, you need to watch it again!

10. Turning heads

Nicole Kidman turn heads everywhere she goes
via Pinterest

During her prime, Nicole was turning heads everywhere she goes.

She still does but not as much as when she was young, which is fair I suppose.

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