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17 Best Throwback Pictures of Cardi B Growing Up

By Kass Barrera


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Cardi B Young

We know Cardi B is cool, funky and has a rather naughty personality. But was she always like this growing up?

Born in Washington Heights and raised in the Bronx, the famous rapper was once just a young innocent girl who wanted to escape poverty.

So what was Cardi like before she set the world on fire?

I can’t wait to find out.

1. Yellow Dummy

Baby Cardi B likes her yellow dummy
iamcardib / instagram

Forget ‘Bodak Yellow’ people.

Cardi already had a thing with ‘Yellow’ when she was just a baby.

Just look at her dummy.

2. Little Princess Cardi

Little Cardi looks like a princess
iamcardib / instagram

This picture reminds me of Princess Jasmine in the Disney hit, Aladdin.

Of course, I’m talking about the kid’s version (if there was one) and I shall name her “Princess Cardi”.

By the way, where is Prince Ali?

3. Mother and Sister Love

Cardi B with her mother and younger sister
iamcardib / instagram

OMG…I almost cried when I saw the love shared between these 3 gorgeous ladies.

The way Cardi held her little sister in her arms is priceless!

4. The Famous Tongue

Young Cardi showing off her famous tongue
iamcardib / instagram

I guess we finally know where that tongue came from.

Yes, it started young.

5. Michael Jackson Style

Cardi B had the cutest afro hair
iamcardib / instagram

This is the cutest afro hair and outfit I have ever seen.

I wonder if Michael Jackson was her idol.

6. Sweetest Smile

Cardi was a sweet little girl
iamcardib / instagram

Who would have thought that such a sweet girl would become a rapper one day?

That smile alone has melted my heart.

7. Posing for Camera

The young rapper knew how to pose for the camera
iamcardib / instagram

Even with a thick jacket on, young Cardi already knew how to pose for the camera.

I guess she’s born to be famous.

8. Proud Sister

Cardi looks like the proudest sister
iamcardib / instagram

Okay, I understand this is only kindergarten graduation but you can sense how proud Cardi was of her sister’s achievement.

9. Young and Pretty!

Cardi was so pretty when she was young
iamcardib / instagram

Let’s forget about her future rapping talent for a second.

This little girl is so pretty and it’s only a matter of time before she became a star.

10. Special Bond

Cardi shared a special sister bond with Hennessy during childhood
iamcardib / instagram

Here’s another childhood photo showing the special bond between Cardi and Hennessy. Now you know why these sisters are so close.

11. Young Bride

Cardi playing bride as a child
iamcardib / instagram

Looks like Cardi enjoyed playing the bride at a relatively young age. No wonder why she got married so early.

Despite her craziness, I believe she is a traditional woman with enormous family values.

12. Early Faith with God

Cardi B had an early faith with God
iamcardib / instagram

The singer has always had a strong relationship with God and her faith started at an early age. I wonder if she went to a Catholic school…

13. Stylish Cardi

Stylish Cardi
iamcardib / instagram

It’s obvious young Cardi knows a thing or two about styling.

While it’s nothing compared to her outfits these days, she knew how to mix and match her colors to look good.

14. Bright Student

Was Cardi B a bright student back then?
iamcardib / instagram

The rapper will probably laugh at me if she saw this, but I honestly think Cardi looked like a very bright student.

I think she just graduated from her 5th-grade elementary school here.

15. Birthday Party Fun

Cardi B eating birthday cake
iamcardib / instagram

Don’t let her youthful and innocent look deceive you, people! Cardi knew how to party at a young age. Just look at the birthday cake on her face and hair.

I’m sure a lot of action went on behind the scene.

16. Hanging Out With Friends

Teen Cardi hanging our with friends
iamcardib / instagram

Look how beautiful Cardi was as a teenager. She loves to hang out with friends for lunches and dinners.

I wonder how many boys she has attracted in that gorgeous spotty dress?

17. Class of 2010

Cardi B at the class of 2010
iamcardib / instagram

This is a picture of Cardi B in the class of 2010.

One year later, when she turned 19, she dropped out of school and began stripping.

The rest is history…

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