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Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Don’t take it from me.

I have only watched Penelope Cruz on the big screen for over 2 decades so if she was enhanced by plastic surgery, I probably “would” know about it.

Let’s start with these comparisons.

Did Penelope Cruz have a nose job?

Penelope Cruz nose job before and after comparison photo

It’s an easy “no” from me.

Penelope’s nose bridge may look slightly thinner here but I put that down to contouring. Otherwise, her nose shape basically looks the same.

The shape is actually quite unique so if a nose job took place, we should notice it.

Did Penelope get lip fillers?

Penelope Cruz lip fillers before and after comparison photo

She doesn’t need it.

As you can see, Penelope has beautiful pouty lips even at a younger age. While lip injections can achieve a similar look, her lips are natural.

Case dismissed.

Did she have botox?

Penelope Cruz botox before and after comparison photo

Not sure about you but Penelope’s face looks expanded in her recent appearance on the James Corden show.

In fact, her face cheeks looks abnormally smooth and puffy, not to mention wrinkle-free. These are usually signs of botox injections being used.

She probably didn’t give the fillers enough time to settle.

Has Penelope had a boob job?

Penelope Cruz boob job before and after comparison photo

Penelope has an amazing body but I don’t think her boobs are fake.

I can usually tell if someone has breast implants and her chest has shown no signs of it. I have gone over many of her photos to come to this conclusion.

Her breasts look natural in all the clothes she wears including push-up dresses.

What about her teeth?

Penelope Cruz teeth before and after comparison photo

I don’t think Penelope needed any work on her teeth.

She has a beautiful set of pearly whites and I haven’t found anything on her having veneers or even braces. They are all real.

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to say that Penelope is a stunning woman.

However, age is getting into her and that’s probably why we’re seeing some minor cosmetic procedures on her face. I’m guessing light treatments only like facial fillers and nothing invasive like a facelift.

That may come in her later years.

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