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9 Best Olivia Wilde No Makeup Photos Revealed

Olivia Wilde No Makeup

I love Olivia Wilde.

She is beautiful but there is something magical about her eyes that I can’t explain.

So, I’m taking a closer look at her with no makeup.

1. The most natural smile

Olivia Wilde most natural smile

Without the eyeshadow and lipstick, all that’s left is the most natural smile in the world. Yes, she is a beauty alright.

2. Enjoying the beach

Olivia Wilde enjoying the beach

This is how you should enjoy yourself at the beach. You go there without makeup and get wet.

3. Getting cocky inside the kitchen

Olivia Wilde getting cocky inside the kitchen

I have a feeling that Olivia who happens to be makeup-free is really good at cooking.

4. Lack of sleep

Olivia Wilde lack of sleep

Despite having no makeup, I think lack of sleep is the reason why Olivia looks so tired here. Those eyebags are falling to the ground.

5. Flexing her small muscles

Olivia Wilde flexing her small muscles

They may be small but at least she’s got some.

You know I’m talking about her muscles, right?

6. The face behind the mask

Olivia Wilde behind the mask

Who is the face behind that mask?

Olivia’s bare face.

7. Looking a bit pale

Olivia Wilde looking pale

Well, she can definitely use some blushes and highlighter. Her skin looks so pale without makeup.

8. Jogging with a water bottle

Olivia Wilde jogging with a water bottle

I’m not a big fan of holding something in my hands while I’m going for a run. This doesn’t seem like a problem for Olivia though.

9. Blonde hair looks kind of cute

Olivia Wilde with blonde hair

I think Olivia looks kind of cute with blonde hair but if she wasn’t makeup-free, it’ll probably be better.