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10 Young Cate Blanchett Photos Shows Her True Charisma

By Kass Barrera


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Cate Blanchett is a charismatic woman.

I don’t say this lightly but she has this charisma that I cannot explain. So I want to see what the young Cate was like.

Perhaps this will give me some answers.

1. Her childhood looks a bit different

Cate Blanchett childhood picture looks different to herself

She is a beautiful girl but she looks nothing like the Cate that I know of.

Interesting to see.

2. That awkward teenager phase

Cate Blanchett awkward teen phase

You know that teen phase you go through when you don’t really care about that messy hair or how you look?

Cate also went through it when she was younger.

3. Winning her first theatre award

Cate Blanchett winning her first theatre award

Blanchett began her acting in theatre.

She won the Sydney Theatre Critics’ Best Newcomer Award when she was young and it could be this one she’s holding in her hands.

4. Making her screen debut

Cate Blanchett screen debut in 1994

Cate made her debut on screen in 1994 appearing in TV mini-series such as Heartland and Burned Bridge. She was about 25 years old then.

5. First appearance on film

Cate Blanchett in Paradise Road

Her first movie debut was in a featured film called “Paradise Road”. This officially kicked off her journey in Hollywood.

6. Shaving her head

Cate Blanchett with a shaved head

Don’t worry.

Cate didn’t just get a shaved head because she was young and free. This bald head was needed for a character in a movie.

7. Looking like a supermodel

Cate Blanchett look like a supermodel

If Cate didn’t become an actress, she can easily become a professional model.

She definitely had the face and the body back in the days.

8. Formal tomboy look

Cate Blanchett formal tomboy look

Do you see what I mean?

There is a natural charm about Cate and it was already there for a long time.

9. She can be super sweet

Cate Blanchett look super sweet

Cate can look very sweet if she wants to and I don’t think her youthful age here has anything to do with it.

Okay, maybe just a little.

10. This is one attractive woman

Cate Blanchett is an attractive woman

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me.

Cate was an attractive young woman who had the whole package. This is her soft and feminine side that is all part of her charisma.

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