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18 Young Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Screams BEAUTY!

By Kass Barrera


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Sarah Jessica Parker Young

Ever wonder what Sarah Jessica Parker look like when she was young?

Here is your chance!

The star behind the hottest TV show on the planet…ever, “Sex and the City”, must be a beauty even before her fame, right?

Well…let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed with these 18 throwback photos of SJP.

Not even one bit.

1. She was a chubby baby

Sarah Jessica Parker was a chubby baby

Who would have thought that Sarah Jessica Parker would be so chubby as a baby?

She is a cute little angel with a gorgeous smile and I’m sure she spreads a lot of happiness to the people around her.

2. The sister bond

Sarah Jessica Park with her elder sister
sarahjessicaparker / instagram

Among the 8 siblings in the family, little Sarah shares a special bond with Rachel Parker, her elder sister whom she shared a room with growing up.

3. Reading with mom

Young Sarah reading with her mom
sarahjessicaparker / instagram

As a child, Sarah’s mom would spend time with her to read books together. This developed a reading habit which proved crucial in her later years.

4. Like a REAL doll

Young SJP looked like a real doll
Bauer Griffin / radaronline.com

OMG! Would you look at those beautiful long brown hair and big blue eyes?

She looked like a doll. A real doll.

5. Big family photo

Throwback Sarah Jessica Parker family photo
abc News

Here’s a rare throwback picture of Sarah and her entire family. In no particular order, her family members shown here are:

  • Paul Forste (Step Father)
  • Babara Forste (Mother)
  • Pippen Parker (Brother)
  • Timonthy Britten Parker (Brother)
  • Allegra Forste (Sister)
  • Megan Forste (Sister)
  • Aaron D. Forste (Brother)
  • Andrew Forste (Brother)
  • Rachel Parker (Sister)

By the way, did you spot Sarah?

6. Broadway musical talent: Annie

Sarah Jessica Parker performed on Broadway Muscial - Annie
The New York Public Library

At just 14 years of age, Parker was chosen to play the lead role in “Annie” on Broadway in front of real live audiences. Talk about young talent!

7. Sweet 16 girl

SJP at 16 years old
Iria Gonzalez / pinterest

Here’s a picture of SJP at 16 years old. Isn’t she sweet?

8. Awkward adulthood phase

Sarah transitioning into her early adulthood phase
Loo1 / imgur

Parker was about 18 or 19 years old here transitioning into her earl adulthood phase.

I think she got a little lost with her styling and yes, I didn’t get the pearl necklace either.

On a second thought, we’ve all been through this awkward phase too, haven’t we?

9. Forgotten romance

Sarah Jessica Parker with Robert Downey Jr
Barry King / Getty / popsugar

Does anyone recognize this guy?

Come on…he looks familiar, doesn’t he?

Yes, it’s our superhero Ironman, Robert Downey, Jr. and they apparently dated for 7 years.

10. Born with fashion senses

SJP fashion sense inspired by Madonna?
Getty / nypost.com

I knew SJP was born with fashion senses and she’s not afraid to push limits either.

But I wonder if this top was inspired by Madonna?

11. Yoga on the beach

Sarah Jessica Parker doing yoga on the beach
REX / telegraph.co.uk

It’s no secret that Sarah has a great body.

As a fan of The Hampton, Mediterranean and South Beach Diet, she also maintains an active lifestyle.

12. The Rachel haircut

Sarah Jessica Parker with the Rachel haircut
Lynn Goldsmith / livejournal.com

Is it just me or does Parker look like Jennifer Aniston in her “Friends” days?

I mean…isn’t this the famous “Rachel Haircut”?

13. The Gothic look

Sarah Jessica Park in Gothic look
Jim Smeal / WireImage / People

Personally, I have never seen a dark side in Sarah like this vampire look.

With medium straight black hair, smokey eyes and dark red lipstick, I’d say this is as Gothic as SJP has ever gotten in her life.

14. A bright teenager

Sarah Jessica Parker was a bright teenager

Here’s a picture of Sarah when she was a teenager.

I must admit she wasn’t the prettiest at the time, but she surely was a bright kid.

By the way, I really love her hair ribbon!

15. Finding true love

Sarah Jessica Parker found true love with actor Matthew Broderick
Ron Galella / WireImage / eonline.com

Since her breakup with the Iron Man, Sarah Jessica Parker met actor Matthew Broderick. They started dating in 1992 and the relationship turned out to be true love.

16. Tying the knot

SJP got married in a black wedding dress

After the couple dated for 5 years, they got married in 1997. This was her famous black wedding dress, which she apparently regretted wearing.

While the color probably didn’t suit the occasion, it was very unique. I liked it.

17. Rise in fame

SJP experienced rising fame in Sex and The City
HBO / Craig Blankenhorn

Parker’s popularity soared after she took on the role as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s popular series “Sex and the City”. This female character was later recognized as one of the greatest in American television.

Sarah instantly became the style icon of the decade.

18. Famous blonde curls

Sarah Jessica Park famous blonde curls

As a role model for many women, Sarah’s blonde curls became her trademark hairstyle.

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