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Camila Cabello Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Camila Cabello Plastic Surgery

Long story short.

I have witnessed Camila Cabello’s transformation since her pre-debut appearance on The X Factor. So if anyone knows whether or not she’s had plastic surgery, I’ll be one of them.

But then, for some strange reason, I’m not so sure anymore.

Let me explain.

Did Camila Cabello have a nose job?

Camila Cabello nose job before and after comparison photo

This was the easy one.

Camila has a very recognizable nose shape and based on this comparison, there are no differences at all. The singer is smiling in both of these pictures, but her nose bridge, tip and wings all look the same.

This tells me that she did not have her nose done.

Did Camila get lip injections?

Camila Cabello lip injections before and after comparison photo

This was another easy one.

Despite the fact that these photos were taken years apart, both Camila’s top and bottom lips look exactly the same. In fact, she has a very unique lip shape so you’ll know if she’s gotten any fillers in there.


Has Camila had a butt lift

Camila Cabello butt lift before and after comparison photo

Okay, I really struggled with this.

There is something unnatural happening with Camila’s butt that it’s almost Kardashian-like. The singer used to have what I’d consider “normal” size buttocks but they seem to have grown along with her popularity.

I know she has gained a bit of weight since her Fifth Harmony days but it seems like most of the fat has gone to her rear end.

Now, whether this is natural or not, I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Did Camila have a boob job?

Camila Cabello boob job before and after comparison photo

Let’s face it.

Camila’s boobs are nothing to brag about but she seems to know a few tricks to make them look bigger. I think this is exactly what’s happened here.

The gorgeous singer simply wore a push-up dress in the “after” photo and it gave her larger breasts as a result. She did not have breast implants and given her small frame, I doubt she would be getting any in the future.

Does Camila have crooked teeth?

Camila Cabello teeth before and after comparison photo

Okay, Camila does not have perfectly straight teeth. She even has some crooked ones on the bottom row. But that’s what makes her smile so beautiful and cute!

It doesn’t look like she’s had braces before and I doubt she has veneers either.


If you ask me about Camila’s face, I can tell you 100% that she is cosmetic surgery free. However, I can’t say the same about her backside.

I just find it hard to believe that most of her body fat would be accumulating into one spot, her bottom.