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Sabrina Carpenter Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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Sabrina Carpenter

She’s looking prettier!

Yes, I’m talking about Sabrina Carpenter and if you told me plastic surgery had nothing to do it, I probably won’t believe you.

Perhaps I should do some research myself?

Before and After Pictures

So, I did some comparisons on Sabrina to see if my intuition is correct. Check it out.

Did Sabrina Carpenter have a nose job?

Sabrina Carpenter nose job before and after comparison photo

This was an easy ‘no’ for me.

Sabrina’s nose looks the same in both pictures so it’s extremely unlikely that a nose job ever took place.

She’s got a beautiful nose and doesn’t need it.

Did she get lip fillers?

Sabrina Carpenter lip fillers before and after comparison photo

Here is where things get interesting.

Sabrina’s natural lips are actually not thin. But I think she might have tried lip injection as her top lip looks much fuller than normal.

Now, some people may argue that it’s makeup and I’ll respect that too.

Has Sabrina had botox injections?

Sabrina Carpenter botox before and after comparison photo

I’d say very likely.

But Sabrina won’t be using it for wrinkles, that’s for sure.

Instead, I believe she might be using botox to get a slimmer face. You can see how slim her jawline looks compared to before.

Do you agree?

Final Thoughts

I’ll stick to my words.

Sabrina is beautiful and cosmetic surgery might have helped her. But I don’t think she had anything invasive.

Maybe a few injectables and that’s it.

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