Salma Hayek Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Everything is real.

This is the statement Salma Hayek desperately wants the public to know.

She wants everyone to know that she never had plastic surgery and has no intention of getting any either, even in her 50s.

I could have just taken her words for it since she’s one of my favorite actresses of all time. But the curiosity is killing me.

So, what the heck!

Before and After Photos

Not gonna lie. I had so much fun comparing Salma’s face and body with her younger self. This Mexican woman was seriously gorgeous back in her prime.

But…what if she hasn’t changed much?

Did Salma Hayek have botox?

Did Salma Hayek have botox?

A straight NO for me, guys.

There are no signs of puffy cheeks, no overstretched skins and her laugh lines are still visible. Every detail on her face looks natural to me.

The truth is, Salma actually thought about getting botox once, but didn’t go through with it due to her filming schedules.

She has also attempted lip injections but was too afraid of the needles. As soon as the first needle went near her mouth, she was out of the door.

What about a facelift?

Did Salma Hayek get a facelift?


She doesn’t need one.

Has Salma had a nose job?

Has Salma Hayek had a nose job?

Let’s be honest, Salma has a beautiful nose, so why would she mess with it?

Just look at the comparison pictures, her nose shape and size looks exactly the same.

So, moving on.

Does Salma have breast implants?

Does Salma Hayek have breast implants?"

This was a tough one.

Salma Hayek’s breasts are arguably her most valuable assets, especially back in her acting days. So I can understand where the boob job rumors are coming from.

To make matters worst, her chest seems to be growing larger with age.

But if you look at young Salma on the left, she clearly had a slimmer body and yet, her cup size wasn’t small.

And on the right, we have Salma who has become a mother and put on a few pounds. So, it is possible that her boobs got bigger because of the hormone changes and extra fat tissues.

Of course, I wouldn’t rule out breast implants entirely, but chances are low.


Okay, I’m so jealous of Hispanic women right now!

Just look at Salma Hayek for example. This Mexican beauty hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures, not on her face anyway, and she looks stunning for her age. It must be the genes!

In terms of her bust size, I believe they are real too.