Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Don’t question me.

Selena Gomez is one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood and has a body to match it.

But when some fans question her Hispanic beauty and even suggest that she had plastic surgery, I just need to prove them wrong.

Sure, the singer has maintained a cute baby face for a number of years. But if you look at pictures of Selena without makeup, all of her facial features look very natural.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do some comparisons.

Before and After Photos

Talk is cheap.

I have compared Selena’s changing appearance over the years and placed them side by side. Let’s try and solve the big mystery.

Did Selena Gomez have botox?

Did Selena Gomez have botox?

Selena is still young and I’m sure she has an abundance of collagen running in her body. So botox is probably the last thing she needs. She hardly has any wrinkles and lines on her face.

She was also born with full cheeks so why would she need fillers to make her face pop?

Lastly, these before and after pictures look all-natural to me. If anything, she probably gained a bit of weight, which I find adorable too.

Did Selena get a nose job?

Did Selena get a nose job?

Some people assume that the former Disney star underwent rhinoplasty but I couldn’t see any evidence from these comparison photos.

The photo on the right might look a bit sculpted, especially around the tip but I could argue that this is because of the makeup and lighting.

To me, there is nothing significantly different about her nose shape and size.

Does Selena have lip injections?

Does Selena have lip injections?

While lip fillers are common among young Hollywood, Selena has always been blessed with great-looking lips. The singer already has the ideal shape and fullness – so why mess with lip injections?

Although her top lip does look different in the right photo, I think her makeup artist might have overlined it, which is a shame because it already has the perfect arch. Good thing lip liners can be erased!

Has Selena had a boob job?

Has Selena had a boob job?

Selena, with her petite body frame, is naturally flat-chested as seen in her earlier photo where she wore an orange bikini. On the after photo, however, her breasts have clearly gained a few cup sizes.

While the size difference may seem unnatural, I don’t think a breast enlargement procedure took place.

It’s easy to tell if someone had breast implants by looking at their cleavage and Selena’s cleavage looks natural to me. Furthermore, breasts are made up of fat tissues so it’s not unusual for women to get bigger boobs after gaining weight.

And it’s obvious that she’s put on a few pounds here.

Any work done on her teeth?

Any work done on Selena's teeth?

While Selena’s teeth aren’t perfect, she doesn’t need braces or veneers.

Her two front teeth are slightly crooked, but it isn’t obvious and is actually quite cute. I love seeing Selena smile because it makes her look like a Cherubin.

If I must point out any cosmetic enhancements, she probably had teeth whitening. But hey…who hasn’t these days?


So there you have it, people!

I can confidently say that Selena Gomez is a natural beauty and all the plastic surgery rumors you’ve been hearing are nothing more than B.S!

We should be jealous of her big round eyes, button nose, puffy cheeks, and full lips. She’s born with these assets!

But why did she delete the photo that drew heavy criticisms about her boobs being fake? Maybe she just didn’t want her younger fans to get the wrong idea.

The beautiful singer still has many years left before she even needs to worry about her face and body changes.