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7 Latest Ava Max No Makeup Pictures Revealed

Ava Max No Makeup

It’s true.

Ava Max looks like a different person without makeup but I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.

I actually think she looks pretty cool (2 separate words).

See for yourself.

1. Taking a selfie in the change room

Ava Max taking a selfie in the change room
Instagram @ avamax

This no makeup selfie must have been taken in the heat of the moment.

I’m just glad no one was changing behind her.

2. Inside the gym room

Ava Max inside the gym room
Instagram @ avamax

Looks like Ava was getting ready for some workout so I don’t blame her for leaving the lipstick off.

3. Enjoying the sea

Ava Max enjoying the sea
Instagram @ avamax

It’s a beautiful day so Ava decided to take the boat out to the sea.

If I’m not mistaken, she’s got a hint of eyeshadow on the corner of her eyes.

Can you see it?

4. In The Kitchen

Ava Max in the kitchen
Instagram @ avamax

I don’t know if Ava can cook. I really don’t.

But at least she’s pretending by showing up in the kitchen.

5. Dance Practice

Ava Max dance practice in the studio
Instagram @ avamax

Ava is practicing her dance moves in the studio so it’s only natural that she’s makeup-free. I’m sure she will sweat a lot!

6. Showing her skincare routine

Ava Max showing her skincare routine

If you want to know how Ava gets her gorgeous skin, then this is your chance!

Yes, she is showing you a simple skincare routine that she swears by.

7. Recording at home

Ava Max recording at home
Instagram @ avamax

I’m almost certain this is where Ava comes up with some of her most amazing tunes. So forgive her for not wearing those heavy makeups.

She’s got more important things to do.