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21 Gorgeous Photos Of Zendaya Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Zendaya Without Makeup

When the eye meets Zendaya, you just know there’s more to her beauty than what’s hidden underneath all that makeup.

Is it her eyes, nose, hair, or is it just her personality that makes her so appealing?

To be honest, I’m not too sure.

But I’d like to see what happens when the cosmetics are wiped off.

Don’t you?

1. Eating Nachos

Zendaya eating nachos

Who needs to wear lipstick when they are munching on their favorite nachos?

Not Zendaya, that’s for sure.

2. Dog Selfie

Zendaya in a selfie with her dog

It’s obvious that she shares a special bond with her dog. This selfie says it all.

3. Camera Face

Zendaya has a gorgeous camera face

When you have a camera face like hers, you will look gorgeous with or without makeup. That’s just the truth.

4. Likes To Wear Glasses

Zendaya likes to wear glasses

If you have been following her posts, then you should know that Zendaya often goes out with glasses on.

This means she doesn’t need to put on any eyeshadows either. Smart girl!

5. Weird Smile

Zendaya with a weird smile

Is it just me or does her smile look weird with no makeup on?

You tell me.

6. Casual Street Fashion

Zendaya in casual street fashion

Who else can combine a hoodie with a long coat and look this stunning?

Well, this young star definitely can and if I’m honest, she basically took casual fashion to another level.

7. Getting Out Of The Car

Zendaya getting out of the car

Zendaya was spotted getting out of her car with a can of coke on her hand.

I guess you can drink anything when you have a body like that.

8. Feeling Frustrated

Zendaya feeling frustrated

The actress seems frustrated about something here. Sure, her eyebrows weren’t trimmed and she didn’t have any eyelashes on, but could these be the only reasons?

Logic tells me no.

9. Pizza Bite

Zendaya taking a bite on the pizza

This is exactly how a girl should enjoy her pizza, makeup-free!

10. Rushing To The Gym

Zendaya rushing to the gym

If you eat that much fast food, I guess the only option left is to burn it…in a hurry.

11. The Big Kiss

Zendaya with the big kiss

Even without lipliners and gloss, Zendaya’s lips still look gorgeous. This big kiss is just cherry on the cake.

12. Water Fight

Zendaya in a water fight

Looks like someone is trying to stir up a fight with that water gun on her hand.

And is she trying to use that seaweed like a rope? She’s too cute.

13. Talking To Spiderman

Zendaya talking to spiderman

In case you didn’t know, Zendaya played the entire Spiderman Homecoming movie without makeup.

Apparently, this barefaced look was what won her the role in the first place.

14. Now, This Is Handsfree

Zendaya on a handsfree mobile

Forget wireless earbuds people, this is how handsfree should be.

Simply tuck the mobile between your neck and shoulder, and you’ll still have a free hand to open an Uber door.

15. Wet Hair Look

Zendaya wet hair look

Did she just washed her hair or is that gel?

Either way, this wet hair look is gorgeous!

16. Happy Runner

Zendaya is a happy runner

Is this what they called the runner’s high?

She’s definitely happy.

17. Wake Up Selfie

Zendaya wake up selfie

This morning, Zendaya decided to say good morning to her followers by posting this makeup-less selfie the moment she woke up.

Doesn’t she look amazing with her curly hair brushed to one side?

18. Messy Hair Bun

Zendaya with a messy hair bun

It’s fine. We all had our messy hair day.

There are also days where we don’t want to touch the brushes.

No, really, it’s perfectly fine.

19. I Need Music

Zendaya on the headphone listening to music

When you’re in the mood for some music, a pair of headphone is all you need.

20. Running On The Beach

Zendaya running on the beach

What is she running away from?

A shark!!!

Just kidding.

21. Boxing Workout

Zendaya doing boxing workout

When this lady puts on the boxing gloves and removes all her makeup, you just know she’s in for a good intensive workout.

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