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9 Latest Pictures of Rita Ora Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Rita Ora

It was expected.

I knew Rita Ora would look different without makeup but hey, don’t get me wrong.

She still looks pretty.

I just didn’t expect this.

1. Getting ready for a bath

Rita Ora in a bathrobe
Instagram @ ritaora

Seeing the no-makeup Rita in a bathrobe, it’s clear that she was preparing for a hot bath.

I wonder if she’s going to remove those chains around her neck?

2. This closeup selfie is proof

Rita Ora closeup selfie
Instagram @ ritaora

This close-up barefaced selfie just proves how confident Rita is in her natural beauty.

She should be.

3. Inside the boxing gym

Rita Ora in a boxing gym
Instagram @ acero

I knew she was into boxing. You can kind of tell by her gorgeous body.

4. Landing in Milan airport

Rita Ora landing in Milan airport

Perhaps the British singer didn’t expect to be welcomed by the press in Milan so she arrived at the airport with no makeup on.

Or maybe she just didn’t care?

5. Let the plank begin

Rita Ora doing plank
Instagram @ ritaora

Thank God I’m not the only person who hates doing planks.

Like her, I don’t put on makeup either because I sweat so much!

6. She doesn’t need the swimming pool

Rita Ora looking stunning in the swimming pool
Instagram @ ritaora

Even without makeup, the singer is looking absolutely stunning in the swimming pool.

Rita doesn’t need the swimming pool. The pool needs her!

7. Those eye bags look heavy

Rita Ora has dark circles under her eye bags

Wow! Rita has some seriously dark circles under those eye bags. She will need a good concealer to hide them.

Get some rest, girl!

8. Taking a dip at the beach

Rita Ora taking a dip at the beach

Arriving from the UK to Australia, Rita must undergo a 14 days quarantine.

As soon as the quarantine was done, she was spotted having a dip at a Sydney beach.

Freedom also means she should leave the eyelashes and lipstick at the hotel.

9. She looks younger

Rita Ora looks younger without makeup?

Sometimes, I feel like Rita is too heavy on cosmetics and it actually makes her look older than her real age.

So when she goes makeup-free, she looks younger.

Do you agree?

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