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Bella Poarch Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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I think I just found another plastic surgery success story.

My subject today is Bella Poarch and quite frankly, I think she looks like one of those Japanese anime characters who are always cute and very pretty.

Her transformation has been quite amazing actually.

These comparisons will show you.

Has Bella Poarch had a nose job?

Bella Poarch nose job before and after comparison photo

Her nose certainly looks different.

While Bella has never mentioned anything about a nose job, I think most people can see what is going on.

And if my suspicion is correct, then I think Bella’s fake nose looks very good. It completely changed her face if I’m honest.

Did Belle have lip injections?

Bella Poarch lip injections before and after comparison photo

I don’t think Bella’s natural lips are thin at all.

However, I’m seeing a pouty top lip here so it’s possible that she has been getting lip fillers to achieve that look.

Do you agree?

Did she get a boob job?

Bella Poarch boob job before and after comparison photo

I wasn’t sure about this one.

If Bella had gotten breast implants, then she doesn’t seem to be showing them off like most people. You can tell by the way she dresses.

Regardless, she has a great body and I don’t think her boobs need any enhancement.

What about a butt lift?

Bella Poarch butt lift before and after comparison photo

I’m going to say ‘no’ here.

There is nothing crazy going on with Bella’s butt so I believe her lower body is all real.

Final Thoughts

Whether you agree with me or not, I think Bella is a beautiful girl.

I also think she might have had some help from cosmetic surgery and if this is true, then it was certainly a successful one. At least in my book.

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