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14 Rock Hard Photos of Gwen Stefani with 6 Pack Abs

By Kass Barrera


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I knew she had a killer waistline and powerhouse vocals.

But apparently, when you combine the two together, you get some killer 6 packs too!

Check out these 14 pictures of Gwen flexing her core muscles.

1. Hitting The High Notes

Gwen Stefani hitting the high notes

When you see rock hard abs like these, you know the singer is hitting those notes. Gwen is obviously in tip-top shape here and (no doubt) her training is paying off big time!

2. Doing The Move

Gwen Stefani doing the move

To move your body like she does and look good, you’ve got to earn rips like these. Just the usual routine for her really, nothing to see here.

3. The Beginning

Gwen Stefani The Beginning

Before I go further, I just wanted to take you back to the very beginning. Yes, this is the waist and hips that started it all.

4. White Crop Top and Blue Jeans

en Stefani with white crop top and blue jeans

20 years later, Gwen is still killing it with a similar style. I honestly cannot recall another artist who can chic a sports bra as good as she does.

5. Mother of Three Children

Gwen Stefan is a mother of three kids and she still have abs

How often do you see a mother of not 1, not 2, but 3 kids have 6 pack abs like hers? I don’t care what they say, Gwen’s personal trainer is a force to be reckoned with.

6. Hidden Gems

Gwen Stefani with her hidden gems

I absolutely love this red outfit she’s wearing and thank goodness that net in the midsection isn’t enough to cover the hidden gems in there.

7. Saluting Her Fans

Gwen Stefani salute her fans

Why salute your fans when you can just squeeze your abdominal muscles? I’m sure they will scream just as loud, if not louder.

8. High Waist Pants Ain’t For Everyone

Gwen Stefani wearing high waist pants

Unless you have a flat tummy like Gwen, you don’t want to be wearing these types of pants. Not only is it high waist, but it’s also green.

Yup, nowhere to hide a belly that’s for sure.

9. Using Her Core

Gwen Stefani using her core muscles

They say in order to reach a certain key range, you’ve got to learn how to breathe and use your core. Based on that six-pack, it’s obvious Stefani has mastered both.

10. Walking The Street In Style

Gwen Stefani street style

Gwen was spotted doing a little shopping in street style. You definitely need a toned bod to pull off a black bikini top with Fiji inspired pattern dress.

11. Center Of The Stage

Gwen Stefani taking the center of the stage

The superstar took the center of the stage with an all-black look. Wearing a shoulder suit, leather pants, and high boots, the singer showed the world what hard work and dedication can do for your body.

12. Beach Look

Gwen Stefani beach look

At first glance, I didn’t realize this was Gwen Stafani as she looked kind of messy compared to her usual standard. You know, without the makeup, hairdo and everything.

But when I saw those beach abs, I immediately knew it’s her. (Actually, she had her son and hubby with her)

13. The Voice Blind Audition

Gwen Stefani during the blind audition

As The Voice coach for 3 seasons, Stefani certainly has a few skills she wanted to show the contestants. But I’d say just keep doing the sit-ups, lots of them!

14. She Didn’t Even Try

Gwen Stefani didn't even try

The No Doubt singer’s abs were clearly visible as she walked across the stage. When you don’t even need to try, you’d know the workouts are working.

I just wonder how many planks and bear crawls she can handle.

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