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Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery

When you appear on that many shows as Nicole Scherzinger has, someone will eventually question your appearance.

And I’m sorry to be that person.

Yes, I have a feeling that she’s had plastic surgery and it’s not the first time I felt this way.

Please let me explain.

Before and After Pictures

You see, I’ve always thought that Nicole is a babe and it goes back to her Pussy Cat Dolls days. So I guess this was long overdue.

Has Nicole Scherzinger had a boob job?

Has Nicole Scherzinger had a boob job?

Allow me to get the party started by stating the obvious.

I think it’s quite possible that Nicole had breast implants and it’s not hard to see why. She had smaller boobs before she gained recognition and this picture proved it.

Enough said.

Did Nicole have lip injections?

Did Nicole Scherzinger have lip injections?

Okay, a lot of people are probably expecting me to say yes but I’m afraid I’m going the other way.

In case you didn’t know, Nicole already had thick lips back in the days and I think she’s only been enhancing it in the last few years. I’m not talking about by lip fillers either although I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s tried it at some stage.

I believe she’s been getting the pouty look simply with lip liner, plumper and lipstick. It’s just all makeup and camera angles if you ask me.

Did Nicole get botox?

Did Nicole Scherzinger get botox?

Whoever took this “after” photo has saved me a lot of work.

Her disappearing laugh lines and slightly swollen face cheeks seem to have told us the answer. So I will keep my mouth shut on this one.

Did Scherzinger have a nose job?

Did Nicole Scherzinger have a nose job?

When I compare someone’s nose, I always try to find photos with a similar facial expression. I find that it gives me the most accurate comparison.

In this case, you can see that Nicole is smiling in both pictures and her nose looks almost the same. So, that means no nose job for me. The reason why Nicole’s nose looks thinner at times is due to contouring.

Let’s not make things complicated.

Did Nicole get a butt lift?

Did Nicole Scherzinger get a butt lift?

Not sure why I did this.

I guess I was just curious and the answer is a big NO.

Nicole has not had a butt lift and I believe her toned buttock is the direct result of her workout routine. Yes, she does work out very often and her great body shows.

Final Thoughts

At 42, I think Nicole looks incredible so whether she’s had work done or not, I don’t really care anymore. I have satisfied my curiosity and even though I was a little surprised by some of my findings, but I will leave it at that.

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