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9 Photos of Camila Cabello Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Camila Cabello Without Makeup

Yes, she is super cute!

But I wonder if Camila Cabello looks the same without makeup too. This singer is simply gorgeous every time I see her on my screen.

So I just needed to know.

1. Cheeky Selfie

Camila Cabello cheeky selfie
Instagram @ camila_cabello

As usual, Camila puts her cheeky personality on show with this no-makeup selfie. I must admit, she did NOT disappoint me one bit.

2. Wake Up Looking Sexy

Camila Cabello wake up looking sexy
Instagram @ camila_cabello

Oh yes, she just woke up and she looks very sexy.

I love that hair!

3. Heading to the gym

Camila Cabello heading to the gym

When Camila doesn’t put on her mascara and lipstick, it doesn’t always mean she is going to the gym. But in this case, she is.

4. Looking pretty wearing glasses

Camila Cabello looks pretty wearing glasses

I don’t know if the pretty singer is shorted sighted but those glasses look good on her.

5. She likes sunflower

Camila Cabello likes sunflower
Instagram @ camila_cabello

Honestly, I only know a very few people who actually like sunflowers and apparently, Camila is one of them.

I wonder if Shawn Mendes gave her that one?

6. Drinking coconut at the pool

Camila Cabello drinking coconut by the pool

What a life!

Seeing Cabello sipping on a coconut by the swimming pool is a beautiful sight. I guess it matches her natural bare face.

7. Going for a walk

Camila Cabello going for a walk

It looks like Camila was going for a morning walk here so I guess we can forgive her for not styling up. It’s too early for a hairdo and cosmetics anyway.

8. Taking off the sunnies

Camila Cabello taking off her sunnies
Instagram @ camila_cabello

Seriously, I was fully expecting a full-on glamorous celebrity when those sunglasses were taken off. Perhaps the singer just wanted to have a day off without makeup.

9. Young and cute

Camila Cabello young and cute
Instagram @ camila_cabello

I believe this picture was taken during Camila’s high school days. She looks so young and cute back then.

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